Friday, September 14, 2012

Kaseifu no Mita

A break from my UK trip post lol.

Yess, I changed my blog skin. Still pink and actually almost the same hahaa. Just that all of the informations have been moved to the bottom. I want to see the pictures clearer so I made it very wide for the pictures hahaha. 

I have been watching this Japanese drama entitle Kaseifu no Mita. 

It's really touching.. sometimes it is so sad.. sometimes it is funny but serious lol.. 
I love the kids. They are very cute especially Kii ♥
Now I feel like having a baby girl and ask her to be a child actress lolol

Anw, to know what I meant you better download it yourself :p
Download here and subs.
Imma continue watching! Byebye.

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