Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lake District and Beatrix Potter Attraction

Do you remember Peter Rabbit?

It is this guy in case you have forgotten. or if you don't know :p. you are pretty young then if you don't know hahhaa.
Peter Rabbit is a fictional anthropomorphic character in various children's stories by Beatrix Potter. Peter Rabbit was named after a pet rabbit Beatrix Potter had as a child called Peter Piper. The first Peter Rabbit story, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, was originally created in 1893 as a letter to Noel Moore, the five-year-old son of Potter's former governess, Annie Moore. The boy was ill, and Potter wrote him a picture and story letter to help him pass the time and to cheer him up. The letter included sketches illustrating the narrative.
There was a time when I like Peter Rabbit a lot, it was like.. 12 years ago.. when I was in Primary school 4 lol.. He is cute =D I used to have a lot of Peter Rabbit stuffs.. just like Pucca lol.. I had the book, pencil case, pencil, pen, those stationery haha.. but only when I visited UK, I knew the story behind it. When I was 8 years old I did not know how to google yet lol.

So if you're wondering why all of a sudden I blog about him after so many years.. lol.. is because.. I went to the World of Beatrix Potter Attraction!!

So the second weekend in UK, we went to Lake District =DD

He says Hi! :p

 It was raining when we reached there =( and even colder than Lancaster.

So yeah, I was pretty daring for wearing a dress and a cardigan only hahahaha.

 The shop there. I look so pale ._. should have put some make up on hahahaha

We went to take a boat trip.. because they said it is the thing that people do if they visit Lake District.. So we did!

Since it was raining, it gets even colder.. That's Eric and Gim Chuan =D

 And actually nothing to see.. lol.. all the way this was what we saw.. lol..

 So we just camho in the boat itself lol. Can see my hair already wet..

Guess what they are doing!! lol. The day when we went is the final Olympic badminton match.. It was between Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia and Lin Dan of China.. lol.. So these supporters of Malaysia of course, they abandoned the 'scenery' only to watch the final match.. Hahaha.. Apparently Lee Chong Wei lose, but oh well, he is the winner in his supporters' heart (quoting a friend lol).

Rachel! =)

 The boat brought us til the Ambleside Pier.. But we didn't take off, they said nothing is there.. So we sat back in the boat and went to the other side again..

Only when we reached the Ambleside Pier, there's something beautiful to see hahaha.

Then back to this type of scenery again.. lol..

When we finally off from the boat, we get to walk around by ourselves. =DD but it was raining =( so not so comfortable to walk, and I didn't buy anything wow!

How can this reach that place? Hahaha

 Saw Petter Rabbit and friends shop!!

Super super cute!

 Then we walked around and saw the Beatrix Potter Attraction, and we thought it was closed but turns out we saw the back door lol. Walk another round and we found the main door. So we went in. Actually we were walking in quite a big group, but some went inside the shop, so left me, Adi and Gim Chuan only. Hahaha.

 This what we saw and we thought it's closed, coz no one hahaha

I love this pic of me photobombing Adi LOL. This was in the garden ^.^ pretty!!

 If only the focus was on me, it will be perfect! blame Adi!

Some of the things u can see in Beatrix Potter Attraction ^.^

The Beatrix Potter gang! lol

It was a very interesting place ^.^ You get to see all the characters that Beatrix made.. and they are made very prettily.. and really detail =) and cost us around 9pounds if I am not mistaken.. Much more worth it than the boat trip lol.

Then we took this photo and made key-chains out of this hahaha!

That's all for now!

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