Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Woodland Trail

There was a day in Lancaster, where we needed to do this green volunteer, which, to be honest, I didn't want to do at first, hahaha, but we needed to so.. we did. Some of the others actually went missing after the briefing, but we always want to leave good impression about Malaysia ;) :p so we stayed haha.

It was actually not bad as we didn't really do a lot of things hahaha. And all the pictures taken during that day were actually all my favourite!! Coz the color is sooo nice..

Let me show you!

 Alright. All pictures are heavily edited lol. Not like other posts, this time around I am so hardworking to actually edit all ._.
"And why worry about your clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow. They don't work or make their clothing."
~Matthew 6:28 NLT

 Spot me in the middle lol. This was before we started =D

 It was very sunny and bright, but we still wanted to take pictures Hahaha. So here's the result hahaha.

 Everybody says yeaaaa~~

So this is.. the guy from Green Lancaster.. I forgot his name.. sorry.. I know.. my bad.. 
Anw, he was explaining to us all the stuffs about the green volunteer..

 and then he brought us for a walk around Lancaster University and it was very pretty!!

 Seeeeee!! Even though it is edited but real life also this pretty! Really!

 That's me =D

 I loveeeee this picture of me photobombing the scenery Adi wanted to take LOL.
I am flying without wings~~

 They even have the sign saying something like asking the cars to slow down because there are a lot of ducks passing by hahahaha.

 This picture can be a post card!! Hahahaha.


 I loveeeeeee this one as well! Life seems beautiful when we walk towards this path hahahaha

 Me and the psychology girls and Sue Ann ^^

 Another me photobombing Adi again =D

 Me and Renae =D


 I miss that field. Can even rolling on the grass hahaha.

 I also like this one ^_^

 So yep. Apparently the grass is (really) greener on the other side (of the world) hahaha.

I miss the green of Lancaster =(
They are so pretty, aren't they?

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