Monday, October 29, 2012

Everything does NOT Happen for a Reason

It is 3:12AM and I am here typing this. I could not fall asleep and it sucks :(.

I should be sleeping right now, but this brain just decided to keep thinking and thinking, and I need to find something to disturb me, which right now I think writing is the best.

I have been reading a book lately, entitled "10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe". Being a Christian and a self-proclaimed smart person, I feel like I need to know those 10 dumb things so I am smarter! lol. I found this book pretty interesting! It elaborates the lies between 10 myths that we, Christian, have always believed in.

One of them is "Everything Happens for a Reason".

Let me talk a bit about this because I really find this very interesting. Most of these are extracted from Larry's book.

I, before read this book, believed that everything really happens for a reason. Apparently, according to Larry Osborne, everything does not happen for a reason. After reading his argument, I began to think, and did more research and now I am on his side.

Everything does not happen for a reason.

If we said that everything happens for a reason, it means God intends for everything that happens to happen.. in which He does not..

Indeed God is the control of everything, but then it doesn't mean that He is the direct cause of everything that happens and not everything that happens, He wants it to happen. He doesn't intend Adam and Eve to fall into sin, or even one to kill the other, or to cheat, to steal. I believe He doesn't have any intention to that.

Because the God I know is good. He is good all the time. He is too good that He gave us free will and we created all this mess and only giving God the responsibility after and saying "everything happens for a reason". If He ever has any intention on seeing the world that He has created to be this broken, why would He even create this, that it breaks His heart to see the world falling.

When you do not study during your exams, and you fail, and you say, "sure everything happens for a reason."
Really? You have all the time to study but you choose not to and you say everything happens for a reason?

When I went for a work interview and I know it pretty well I messed it up, a friend of mine told me, "it is okay, everything happens for a reason."

I am doubtful of that statement because I know myself and I know that I have closed that door God has opened for me.

Obviously God has purpose, but the process to reach the purpose doesn't really matter. If Judas has never sold Jesus, will Jesus fail to save us? I guess no. God has the purpose. He might use anything to accomplish that purpose.

That doesn't mean if extreme case, He wants someone to be saved, that someone needs to kill a person and go into jail and get to know God in jail.

This fallen world, silly decisions that we made, and our own sinful choices that lead to all these bad things to happen. I actually believes laziness and procrastination also lead to that lol. That's according to my own experiences. Well, that both can be included in silly decisions, decided to be lazy and to procrastinate.

But then again, God is so good.

Romans 8:18
In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Which is why in the case of Joseph's brothers' sin, God turn that bad thing to a high position for Joseph.

Jesus' crucifixion to be something very great.

Yes, God is not the ultimate cause of everything bad that happens, but He is our Mighty God that He is able to use any circumstances, no matter how bad it is, and turn it into a good one. If only we allow Him, and actually, according to Romans 8:18, if only we are those who love Him, and whose who have been called according to His purpose. That last part of the sentence surely left out most of the people.

He leaves it to us. Do we love Him enough? Will we follow Him?

Everything might not happen for a reason, but surely God can use it to bring something good!

Good night and have a blessed day ahead!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

UK Gathering @ Nautica

A break from my packing. I am packing to go back Indonesia. Tons of stuffs and having no idea how to bring them all back =/ if only I can teleport all of these hahaha.

Anyway, Thursday night, my friends who went together to UK held a party for me, Adi, Ben and Carmen. It is meant to be a graduation/farewell party for me and Adi, belated birthday party for Ben and early birthday celebration for Carmen (whose birthday was on Friday).

Thank God for great people like them =)
Credit goes to Liza who worked her ass off for this party, helped by Glenn and Jarrel. She is really well-prepared! Food, drinks, rubbish bag, and even mat for us to seat! =OO You can be an event organizer, my dear!

Thanks to Gim Chuan for the place too! It was held on his apartment in Nautica, South Quay. It was a great place! Only it was raining in the middle of our party, so we went to his unit.

There were 22 people all!! =DD

I know everyone is busy for their assignment, and midterm, but they still spare some time to come. Great to see them all!! =DD

I didn't bring my camera lol, I only brought polaroid. So I took all of these pictures from Facebook =DD. Credit to Renae, Sam, and Dilla ^.^ I only added some filter hahaha

Our food for the night! Fried Bihun, Sausage, Chicken Wings, Fries, and Pasta. Thanks to Liza, Glenn, and Jarrel, and Liza's maid! 

 There're pizzas too!

Krisho laughed when she saw this, she said "You still haven't changed, Leni. Photobomb with your peace sign." LOL

Sam and Jareil. Sam said she purposely wore pink for me!!!! =')))))

It was raining so we went up. This was at Gim Chuan's apartment and this is Liza who was behind all of this ^.^ Thanks dear!

This is Renae, and thanks to her camera :p

Jareil :) and Adi. lol

GC's unit has a big mirror  LOL

Jana, Dilla, and Krisho ^.^

the psychology girls ;)

all the girls.
First it was only me and Renae wanna take picture with her phone front camera. Then some wanna join and obviously the front camera can't capture us all. Someone offered to help us, and one by one wanna join ended up all girls are inside HAHAHA. Girls!! ♥

Then the guys =D

 Renae and Jareil :)

my lovely Sam ^.^

Liza even baked a cake for us :') and it tasted good!!!

We got the cake =DD

The S3 gang! lol

and then the iPhone gang, but I was holding polaroid pictures lol


It was a great night to see each other again ^.^ It's so fun that we have only known each other for three months, and be together for the first three weeks we know each other, and we have already been great friends all. We have only know each other for three months, and they did this for me, Adi, Ben and Carmen. Wow. I am indeed a blessed girl with great friends around!

I am surely gonna miss them all. Next gathering I might not be able to join =(. But I have told them to come find me when they come to Jakarta! Hahaha.

Anyway.. Raining cats and dogs now.. Gonna continue my packing! Abayo!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Deliciously GDO

Oh I forgot! Previous post I only wrote about SW14 and Dancers.. On Friday, I went out with another three pretty girls!! But not buffet luckily! Hahaha. I have so many girl friends omo I just realised lol.

At first, we wanna go to PH Pastry House which WAS located in Jalan Utara, KL. Unfortunately, when we went there, they were already not there =(. Went to their facebook page, they are going to move to a "TO BE ANNOUNCED" =((((. Was already dreaming about a good lunch and tea time with the girls =(. Not our lucky day. Early in the morning, Venna's car was clamped lol.

4 girls went to have their girls day out! Actually there were only me and Venna, but we kidnapped Vanie and Nonie to join us HAHAHA.

So there were four of us ^.^
Went to Delicious instead coz PH was closed. Boo!

Steal this from Vanie's instagram HAHA.

Duck Confit Spaghettini

Beef Lasagna =D

Agli Olio with Mushroom

hmm.. another Agli Olio I think :/

Venna and Nonie

 Leni and Vanie

Chicken Leek Pie

That's it for now. I need to sleeps..... Nighty nite.

Eat ALL you Can!

This week only I went to two buffets.. and Ibam can tell that I am gaining fat. Sad me. =(

Anyway! It has always been our dream to go outing to Jogoya, and our prayer is answered!!

Ladies promotion at Jogoya =DD 50% off!
Who would not want this! Hahaha. From 24 Sept 2012 to 20 Dec 2012. Make me wanna go again lol.

So me and the girls booked a place for dinner last Thursday, and 8 of us were going crazy eating. Resulting in me gaining more fats -_- blame all the ice cream!

But I am so happy!! It was not only about eating, but also the fellowship with all the pretty girls ♥

I didn't take many pictures coz too busy eating leh.. don't remember about picture at all.. hahaha..

Only have these some pictures post eating.. =DD

this is Wanda!! She is SUPER SWEET. Since I first know her, I already fall in love with her. Hahahahaa.

Wanda and Nie, they are new members in SW14 ^.^

 My forever soul sister, Nia.

 The girls ♥
 Ratna =DD

Pretty Vela and Pretty Shelvy ♥

Not enough me gaining fat from Jogoya, last Sunday, dancers had our dance gathering.. located in SS2 Neway Karaoke.. which we went at night, so we got the buffet as well..  Hahahaha. I very seldom go buffet, maybe steamboat sometimes.. and in just a week I went to two buffets lols.


I gotta say.. dancers are all crazy LOL. Seriously.. We all went crazy bahahaha.. the good thing about dancers.. everyone dances.. hahaha.. We went 11 girls and there were only 4 microphones, so not everyone gets to sing with mic, SO EVERYONE DANCES. lol.

Seriously, it was the most awesome dance gathering ever hahaha. Thanks to all the girls!! Love love!! And everyone ate lotssssss too.. Nah if you think girls eat a little, you might probably be a boy. lol. When girls go out to eat buffet with the other GIRLS, everyone is gonna avoid scale after that :p

But nah, everyone is in pretty normal shape, so no worries. Eat a lot once in a while won't kill lol. But don't do like me twice a week to often, it will eventually kill. AND, we could dance to burn our fats =DDD

This gathering was also one meant for Ci Mei's gathering. She is going back for good this Tuesday =((((.

We will miss her =( but she is going back to Jakarta, so I will still be able to see her hahaaha.

Anywaysss.. I love them all!! SW14 and Dancers ♥. Glad to know each one of you. xoxo.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tell the World I'm Coming Home!

I'm coming home I'm coming hoooooommmmeeeeeeee~~~
It has been six months!! and I am missing home badly. Missing my friends muchhh. and nasi tim. It needs to be the first food I eat lol.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Graduation Day

Time for real update lol.

Finally.. I have the chance to sit down and actually blog.. Gonna blog about my graduation before it gets over expired hahaha.

Mom and dad need to come to Malaysia for my graduation haha. It was a great time with them. Have been missing my parents so much, and it has been a while since we have sort of holiday together. =)

They came on Wednesday, my graduation was on Friday.

Yes. I did it! Thank God =DDD

 Friday early morning, I woke up and found this in front of my door.

so sweet of my new housemate, Vanie =D Thank you dear ♥ obviously my very first graduation present hahaha.

My morning selca lol. My hair is already long yay!! Couldn't decide on which dress to wear, end up wearing Batik ^.^

I have nothing much to say about my graduation except that I am grateful. After 20 years, I finally get to wear graduation gown lol. I did it. I made it. Thank God for all of this. ='D

It marked the history. My very first picture that got more than 100 likes in Facebook. lol. I guess so many people are happy for me. Thank you ! =') never expected this ._.

During the graduation ceremony itself.. like any other graduation ceremony, it is boring I should say lol. Maybe some feel nervous, or excited. But overall is boring LOL. The saddest thing is that, I got seat no 304, Traecy got seat no 305, which means we should be sitting next to each other. Things wouldn't be that boring if it happened that way. Guess they just want to mess with us. My '304' seat was located the most left on the row, and her '305' seat was located the next row, the most right. So we are totally FAR separated. -_-

Lucky I have my bb, and a loyal friend who forcefully needed to listen to all my complaints lol. 

By the end of the ceremony, my friends are already waiting outside the hall. Awwwww... so sweet of them!!

So pictures time!!

Me and Traecy!! I didn't wear my gown properly, can see my batik hahaha.
Cherainne, Indria, me, and Traecy! Gonna miss you girls sooooo....
Top with Feli, Vahid, Tat Yang. Bottom with the lecturers.
Vela came late so she is not in the picture =(. I am so so so HAPPY to see them all =')) and they brought me a bouquet with balloon, sunflowers, chocolates, and Pucca soft toy complete with the mortar board! Hahahaha. and not forgetting graduation cupcakes! OMO. I am so blessed to have them. *big hugssssss*

Not forgetting Frank and all his effort to get me a Pucca bouquet as well hahaha. Thankies!

Ricky and Deo who said they purposely wore pink for me lol! They came not for me only, but for Peka.

I graduated together with Peka and ko Wawan. In this picture, both of them closed their eyes... -_-

Things me and Nia love to do. Selca. Lol. I love you my soul sister ♥

Graduation that feels like birthday. Hahhaa. I got so many presents!! Happy girl ^.^

Manage to carry all of them. lol.

Love this picture of me and Jenny. I don't remember what we're laughing at hahhaa

This is Vanie! My new sweet housemate hahaha.

Emil, Vanie and Nonie also came ='D

Cutie Carmen =)

Ibam also came ^.^
I was too busy with them I actually did not get to take pictures with my classmates and other people lol. But I was so so so happy seeing them =))

my sweet sweet brother =)

 The cupcakes they got for me =)

These pictures are stolen from other's instagram hahaha

That's it about my graduation!
Feel like a star for a day coz so many people wanna take pic with me lolll.

There ends another chapter of my life.