Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eat ALL you Can!

This week only I went to two buffets.. and Ibam can tell that I am gaining fat. Sad me. =(

Anyway! It has always been our dream to go outing to Jogoya, and our prayer is answered!!

Ladies promotion at Jogoya =DD 50% off!
Who would not want this! Hahaha. From 24 Sept 2012 to 20 Dec 2012. Make me wanna go again lol.

So me and the girls booked a place for dinner last Thursday, and 8 of us were going crazy eating. Resulting in me gaining more fats -_- blame all the ice cream!

But I am so happy!! It was not only about eating, but also the fellowship with all the pretty girls ♥

I didn't take many pictures coz too busy eating leh.. don't remember about picture at all.. hahaha..

Only have these some pictures post eating.. =DD

this is Wanda!! She is SUPER SWEET. Since I first know her, I already fall in love with her. Hahahahaa.

Wanda and Nie, they are new members in SW14 ^.^

 My forever soul sister, Nia.

 The girls ♥
 Ratna =DD

Pretty Vela and Pretty Shelvy ♥

Not enough me gaining fat from Jogoya, last Sunday, dancers had our dance gathering.. located in SS2 Neway Karaoke.. which we went at night, so we got the buffet as well..  Hahahaha. I very seldom go buffet, maybe steamboat sometimes.. and in just a week I went to two buffets lols.


I gotta say.. dancers are all crazy LOL. Seriously.. We all went crazy bahahaha.. the good thing about dancers.. everyone dances.. hahaha.. We went 11 girls and there were only 4 microphones, so not everyone gets to sing with mic, SO EVERYONE DANCES. lol.

Seriously, it was the most awesome dance gathering ever hahaha. Thanks to all the girls!! Love love!! And everyone ate lotssssss too.. Nah if you think girls eat a little, you might probably be a boy. lol. When girls go out to eat buffet with the other GIRLS, everyone is gonna avoid scale after that :p

But nah, everyone is in pretty normal shape, so no worries. Eat a lot once in a while won't kill lol. But don't do like me twice a week to often, it will eventually kill. AND, we could dance to burn our fats =DDD

This gathering was also one meant for Ci Mei's gathering. She is going back for good this Tuesday =((((.

We will miss her =( but she is going back to Jakarta, so I will still be able to see her hahaaha.

Anywaysss.. I love them all!! SW14 and Dancers ♥. Glad to know each one of you. xoxo.

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