Monday, October 29, 2012

Everything does NOT Happen for a Reason

It is 3:12AM and I am here typing this. I could not fall asleep and it sucks :(.

I should be sleeping right now, but this brain just decided to keep thinking and thinking, and I need to find something to disturb me, which right now I think writing is the best.

I have been reading a book lately, entitled "10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe". Being a Christian and a self-proclaimed smart person, I feel like I need to know those 10 dumb things so I am smarter! lol. I found this book pretty interesting! It elaborates the lies between 10 myths that we, Christian, have always believed in.

One of them is "Everything Happens for a Reason".

Let me talk a bit about this because I really find this very interesting. Most of these are extracted from Larry's book.

I, before read this book, believed that everything really happens for a reason. Apparently, according to Larry Osborne, everything does not happen for a reason. After reading his argument, I began to think, and did more research and now I am on his side.

Everything does not happen for a reason.

If we said that everything happens for a reason, it means God intends for everything that happens to happen.. in which He does not..

Indeed God is the control of everything, but then it doesn't mean that He is the direct cause of everything that happens and not everything that happens, He wants it to happen. He doesn't intend Adam and Eve to fall into sin, or even one to kill the other, or to cheat, to steal. I believe He doesn't have any intention to that.

Because the God I know is good. He is good all the time. He is too good that He gave us free will and we created all this mess and only giving God the responsibility after and saying "everything happens for a reason". If He ever has any intention on seeing the world that He has created to be this broken, why would He even create this, that it breaks His heart to see the world falling.

When you do not study during your exams, and you fail, and you say, "sure everything happens for a reason."
Really? You have all the time to study but you choose not to and you say everything happens for a reason?

When I went for a work interview and I know it pretty well I messed it up, a friend of mine told me, "it is okay, everything happens for a reason."

I am doubtful of that statement because I know myself and I know that I have closed that door God has opened for me.

Obviously God has purpose, but the process to reach the purpose doesn't really matter. If Judas has never sold Jesus, will Jesus fail to save us? I guess no. God has the purpose. He might use anything to accomplish that purpose.

That doesn't mean if extreme case, He wants someone to be saved, that someone needs to kill a person and go into jail and get to know God in jail.

This fallen world, silly decisions that we made, and our own sinful choices that lead to all these bad things to happen. I actually believes laziness and procrastination also lead to that lol. That's according to my own experiences. Well, that both can be included in silly decisions, decided to be lazy and to procrastinate.

But then again, God is so good.

Romans 8:18
In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Which is why in the case of Joseph's brothers' sin, God turn that bad thing to a high position for Joseph.

Jesus' crucifixion to be something very great.

Yes, God is not the ultimate cause of everything bad that happens, but He is our Mighty God that He is able to use any circumstances, no matter how bad it is, and turn it into a good one. If only we allow Him, and actually, according to Romans 8:18, if only we are those who love Him, and whose who have been called according to His purpose. That last part of the sentence surely left out most of the people.

He leaves it to us. Do we love Him enough? Will we follow Him?

Everything might not happen for a reason, but surely God can use it to bring something good!

Good night and have a blessed day ahead!

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