Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Graduation Day

Time for real update lol.

Finally.. I have the chance to sit down and actually blog.. Gonna blog about my graduation before it gets over expired hahaha.

Mom and dad need to come to Malaysia for my graduation haha. It was a great time with them. Have been missing my parents so much, and it has been a while since we have sort of holiday together. =)

They came on Wednesday, my graduation was on Friday.

Yes. I did it! Thank God =DDD

 Friday early morning, I woke up and found this in front of my door.

so sweet of my new housemate, Vanie =D Thank you dear ♥ obviously my very first graduation present hahaha.

My morning selca lol. My hair is already long yay!! Couldn't decide on which dress to wear, end up wearing Batik ^.^

I have nothing much to say about my graduation except that I am grateful. After 20 years, I finally get to wear graduation gown lol. I did it. I made it. Thank God for all of this. ='D

It marked the history. My very first picture that got more than 100 likes in Facebook. lol. I guess so many people are happy for me. Thank you ! =') never expected this ._.

During the graduation ceremony itself.. like any other graduation ceremony, it is boring I should say lol. Maybe some feel nervous, or excited. But overall is boring LOL. The saddest thing is that, I got seat no 304, Traecy got seat no 305, which means we should be sitting next to each other. Things wouldn't be that boring if it happened that way. Guess they just want to mess with us. My '304' seat was located the most left on the row, and her '305' seat was located the next row, the most right. So we are totally FAR separated. -_-

Lucky I have my bb, and a loyal friend who forcefully needed to listen to all my complaints lol. 

By the end of the ceremony, my friends are already waiting outside the hall. Awwwww... so sweet of them!!

So pictures time!!

Me and Traecy!! I didn't wear my gown properly, can see my batik hahaha.
Cherainne, Indria, me, and Traecy! Gonna miss you girls sooooo....
Top with Feli, Vahid, Tat Yang. Bottom with the lecturers.
Vela came late so she is not in the picture =(. I am so so so HAPPY to see them all =')) and they brought me a bouquet with balloon, sunflowers, chocolates, and Pucca soft toy complete with the mortar board! Hahahaha. and not forgetting graduation cupcakes! OMO. I am so blessed to have them. *big hugssssss*

Not forgetting Frank and all his effort to get me a Pucca bouquet as well hahaha. Thankies!

Ricky and Deo who said they purposely wore pink for me lol! They came not for me only, but for Peka.

I graduated together with Peka and ko Wawan. In this picture, both of them closed their eyes... -_-

Things me and Nia love to do. Selca. Lol. I love you my soul sister ♥

Graduation that feels like birthday. Hahhaa. I got so many presents!! Happy girl ^.^

Manage to carry all of them. lol.

Love this picture of me and Jenny. I don't remember what we're laughing at hahhaa

This is Vanie! My new sweet housemate hahaha.

Emil, Vanie and Nonie also came ='D

Cutie Carmen =)

Ibam also came ^.^
I was too busy with them I actually did not get to take pictures with my classmates and other people lol. But I was so so so happy seeing them =))

my sweet sweet brother =)

 The cupcakes they got for me =)

These pictures are stolen from other's instagram hahaha

That's it about my graduation!
Feel like a star for a day coz so many people wanna take pic with me lolll.

There ends another chapter of my life.

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