Wednesday, October 03, 2012

SW14 Goes to Paradigm Mall.


Last 2 weeks SW14 had an outing gathering ♥. We went to Paradigm mall to have dinner and a movie session.

It was my first time to be in Paradigm mall. Others apparently have been there before! Hahaha I am so outdated. :/  but by the time I am writing this I have been there twice! Hahaha!

Paradigm Mall is actually pretty good. They have GSC, Snowflake, Sephora, Zara, etc. Find it here. And soon they are gonna have Chili's. So unfair why they don't want to open one in Sunway Pyramid :(

Anyway, 9 of us went there =DD

We had our dinner in Spaghetti Grill

Mozarella Pizza
Beef Lasagna
Onion Ring and Bottomless of this thing! =P~~
Chicken Alfredo?

My nails are too-early-Christmas-themed lol.
Since Nia sat next to me, we got the most pictures hahaha...

Clara & Ratna =)

Being very full is not enough. We went to Tong Pak Fu which is just outside Spaghetti Grill and had our desert there. Girls nowadays. Lol.

Someone is going to complaint about my fringe LOL.
Nia and her.. dessert..

Then we went to watch the so called Bruce Willis movie. The Cold Day of Light.

Yes we watched a Bruce Willis movie, and he died not long after the movie starts lol.

Anyway it was a great night. Hang out with the girls, chit chat, laugh, <3 love="D</p" super="super">

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