Saturday, October 27, 2012

UK Gathering @ Nautica

A break from my packing. I am packing to go back Indonesia. Tons of stuffs and having no idea how to bring them all back =/ if only I can teleport all of these hahaha.

Anyway, Thursday night, my friends who went together to UK held a party for me, Adi, Ben and Carmen. It is meant to be a graduation/farewell party for me and Adi, belated birthday party for Ben and early birthday celebration for Carmen (whose birthday was on Friday).

Thank God for great people like them =)
Credit goes to Liza who worked her ass off for this party, helped by Glenn and Jarrel. She is really well-prepared! Food, drinks, rubbish bag, and even mat for us to seat! =OO You can be an event organizer, my dear!

Thanks to Gim Chuan for the place too! It was held on his apartment in Nautica, South Quay. It was a great place! Only it was raining in the middle of our party, so we went to his unit.

There were 22 people all!! =DD

I know everyone is busy for their assignment, and midterm, but they still spare some time to come. Great to see them all!! =DD

I didn't bring my camera lol, I only brought polaroid. So I took all of these pictures from Facebook =DD. Credit to Renae, Sam, and Dilla ^.^ I only added some filter hahaha

Our food for the night! Fried Bihun, Sausage, Chicken Wings, Fries, and Pasta. Thanks to Liza, Glenn, and Jarrel, and Liza's maid! 

 There're pizzas too!

Krisho laughed when she saw this, she said "You still haven't changed, Leni. Photobomb with your peace sign." LOL

Sam and Jareil. Sam said she purposely wore pink for me!!!! =')))))

It was raining so we went up. This was at Gim Chuan's apartment and this is Liza who was behind all of this ^.^ Thanks dear!

This is Renae, and thanks to her camera :p

Jareil :) and Adi. lol

GC's unit has a big mirror  LOL

Jana, Dilla, and Krisho ^.^

the psychology girls ;)

all the girls.
First it was only me and Renae wanna take picture with her phone front camera. Then some wanna join and obviously the front camera can't capture us all. Someone offered to help us, and one by one wanna join ended up all girls are inside HAHAHA. Girls!! ♥

Then the guys =D

 Renae and Jareil :)

my lovely Sam ^.^

Liza even baked a cake for us :') and it tasted good!!!

We got the cake =DD

The S3 gang! lol

and then the iPhone gang, but I was holding polaroid pictures lol


It was a great night to see each other again ^.^ It's so fun that we have only known each other for three months, and be together for the first three weeks we know each other, and we have already been great friends all. We have only know each other for three months, and they did this for me, Adi, Ben and Carmen. Wow. I am indeed a blessed girl with great friends around!

I am surely gonna miss them all. Next gathering I might not be able to join =(. But I have told them to come find me when they come to Jakarta! Hahaha.

Anyway.. Raining cats and dogs now.. Gonna continue my packing! Abayo!

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