Wednesday, October 03, 2012

When BBM is not working...

It's been 2 days in a row I have been sleeping at 10PM. HAHAHAHAHA. LENI SLEEPS AT 10PM? There was once I slept at 10PM and my lil bro was all like "What?" and these two days a friend of mine is asking me whether I am alright, because as far as he knows, I always sleep like at 12AM +++. Yesterday Ratna also gave me that kind of look, "seriously? you are going to sleep now?" lol. YES IT IS THAT RARE I AM SLEEPING SO EARLY. lol.

Actually I always try to sleep early. I go to bed at 11PM but end up sleeping at 2AM.

I found out why.

It is because I always bring my BB to my bed as well. I will end up chat and reply all the messages before I sleep and end up I will be chatting till 2 or even 3 or 4 if I am caught in a very serious chat aka curhat.

These two days. I am avoiding my BB when I wanna sleep.
Two days ago, I suddenly had stomach problem, I guess because I ate too late, or I didn't eat. Not sure. My stomach was so pain so I decided to sleep AT 10 hahaha. And I did not bring my BB. Best decision ever as I really fell asleep at 10 something lol.

Yesterday, I practiced the same thing. I wanted to sleep early! Avoiding my BB, I went to bed and sleep with the iphone lol. Yea, very few people know my iphone or can contact me to the iphone, mostly can't, so no one will disturb me XD. I watched a lecture's video before I sleep and totally ignoring my BB. Anddddd I slept at 10, peacefully till I woke up this morning, and got stressed when I saw my BB.

Actually it is expected. A lot of BBMs, Some unimportant emails and few whatsapps.

There goes my peace lol.

Then I feel like throwing my BB away. Posted that on Path. Didn't actually do that. I love my BB actually :p

SOON after that. My BBM is not working lol. All pending. I was like, whaaaatttt, does it get upset I have the thought of throwing it away lol.

A bit confused coz I need to reply and contact some people.

THEN I heard.. Apparently BBM is not working for everyone in Asia Pacific. HAHAHA.

I was so happy to hear that lol.

And you can start seeing people's reaction towards this 'incident'. Mostly complain and say want to switch to other phones hahaha. A good time to learn people's response, and to see who were actually so addicted or can't live without BBM lol.

I might be the only BB user that is happy hearing that HAHAHA.

Really need this peaceful life. Thanks for not working, RIM. I love you.

(and I get to do three posts today!)

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