Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fresh Ministry Goes to IPOH!!

Last month, end of October, we, Fresh Ministry, decided to go to Ipoh for our October Gathering. This was not my first time to go Ipoh, as I had an Ipoh mali housemate lol. This was my fifth time man! Hahaha. My first time was with Traecy, Cherainne, Anty, and Indri. Second time with my sis. Third time with Frank. Fourth time, if can be counted as visiting Ipoh, was to send Tracy back coz she missed the bus coz of KL jam hahaha.

Not bad, I am quite familiar with Ipoh already lol.

This time around, no Traecy to bring me around, but there's Hero! Hero studied in Ipoh last time so he also knows everything about Ipoh hahaa.

13 of us went there ^.^ we used two cars to go haha.  Too bad, ci Mei already went back for good to Indonesia, she can't join us! =(

Hello from IPOH =D

We went early in the morning, around 6AM. I was expecting jam, because it was holiday, but not too bad! We reached around 9AM I guess. I Forgot :p. First thing we did is having DIMSUM as our breakfast =DD~~ Ah I miss the dimsum!

We went to Foh San for dimsum!

Our happy faces after eating hahaha.

This picture was taken at night, before we went back home haha. When we passed by, I said I want a picture with the "Foh San" coz the morning we took, we didn't take the name. Now since it's already closed and no one, we can take =DD.

It was so crowded! Well, it was holiday. Things are very fast finished T_T. But we did enjoy our food, in fact, we're all too full after our dimsum haha. We had all sort of dimsum available lol.

This was the only dimsum picture Robby uploaded lol.

After dimsum we decided to just walk around to get other food lol. That's our purpose. To eat :p. Our next stop was Funny Mountain =DD to get Soya and Tau Fu Fah!

Lol at HERO's pose. (I wrote Ibam's pose but it was actually Hero haha. Sorry, bro! Thanks, dra!)

When we reached there, it hasn't even opened yet but people already queued for it...

So I joined the queue =DD That's me with my 1 pound sunglasses from UK 1 pound shop hahaha. I love it!!

The rest waiting for the soya and the tau fu fah ^.^

Enjoying every bit of it. Very nice! I like the soya cincau hahaha.


Not forgetting a group picture as a sign WE WERE THERE lololol.

After that we walked around to shop for things to bring back, and for food.. lol.

The girls =D I love how my tshirt match with my slippers lol.

And then we stopped at the Salted Chicken shop =DD too bad we are too full hahahahaha. I ate this last time with Traecy! and I actually quite like it! but I decided to not buy coz at that time it's gonna be troublesome for me to reheat etc. 

In the end only Venna bought it haha. That's the shop on the right.

Then we have nothing to do we decided to go to Jusco to see around, and decided there to play bowling hahaha.

Everyone was so happy playing and it was arguably cheap to play there, 5RM per game for each person, and 2RM for the socks. Although it's already old though... sometimes the thing stuck and we need to wait, sometimes it doesn't count the real one.. but oh well, everyone had fun!

Enough of playing, our stomachs got hungry again lol, and so we off to some place.. to eat... I forgot the name.. lol

This was outside the restaurant. I think is mapo restaurant or something ._." sorry. lol

What we had!!!  Chicken, fish, vege, taufu, pork.. we had all lol

 My mouth was full of FOOD. Typing this makes me hungry.... *droll*

Oh and because it has become some sort of habit when everyone sits and then everyone will take out their phone and start playing and that's it.. blackberry.. make the far close, make the close far. lol. SO WE PLAY THIS GAME. Where everyone couldn't touch their phone, not even for taking picture lol. First it was kinda hard I think for everyone hahaha, hand gets itchy not holding phone lol, but since we all can't do it, so.. we must bear with it. Everyone talks, we talk, and fellowship together. Good game lol.

Finish eating, we played a game. or they played a game. Coz I was the one creating the game for them hahaha. I made it with Frank. It was a puzzle game, and it was very hard that they needed more than an hour to solve it.

Coz we played with them :p. It's kind of an unsolvable puzzle, unless you talk to each other and share your problems HAHA. That's the message that we want them to get. Fresh Ministry consists of all of Head of Departments. All are leaders and sometimes we are too focused on our own department, and think on our own on how to solve the problem, while actually other people might have the solution. 

Their faces while giving their best ! =DD

Almost done! That's what I meant you need to talk to others, coz yes, other people might have your piece of solution =) I wanted to emphasize on the "TEAM". I hope I succeeded lol. It was a tough puzzle and to be honest, me and Frank did not have the answer lol, we did not take any picture of the final result haha. If they can't solve it, it will forever be unsolved haha.

They said their head burnt coz of the puzzle lol. So we headed to hot spring to chill down!

It was located in The Lost World. =)) Tried to do jump shot and this is what we got hahhaa

Lost World of Tambun. owned by Sunway Group LOL. We all like "came all the way from Sunway.. to Sunway.."

 I thought the hot spring would be a real hot spring lol. 

We played till it was time for dinner! But too bad we were too late, couldn't get anymore famous nga choi kai that I ate last time with Traecy. Apparently the chicken finished quite early and it was holiday and crowded and yea.. in short, we didn't get and I was upset haha.

Thank God we have HERO. He is the real Hero lol. He brought us to another shop which actually was famous as well. According to Traecy, that shop was the one very famous for local people. Restoran Cowan Street!

and I was soooo happy to be able to eat the chicken tauge lol. 
Our faces after a day full of food =)))

Oh no, we did not stop there lol. We went to a food court and had what they say the best chicken wing =)) and superman sausage which made those who eat.. cry lol. Yup. It was terribly hot.

 Hero bought this and said "my treat" lol. Indra next to him was suffering coz of that hahhaa. 

Had suffered enough, it's time to go home~

It was indeed a great day!! I pass out after that, totally have no energy and all I did was only sleeping. Hahaha. 

Thank God for the great  perfect day! 
It was raining seasons but the whole day it was bright!! It only rained at night when we wanna go home.
It was holiday and expecting mad crowd and jam, but nope, yup it was crowded but still acceptable (unlike Melaka haha).
Everyone could make it.
I am so happy happy happy =DD
Thank God and thanks everyone!

and I actually like Ipoh! Miss the food already, maybe need to visit Traecy sometime hahaha

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Leniii, foto ke-7 itu Hero's pose lho
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Terima kasih untuk segalanya, Leniihhh :)