Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Industrial Day

Browsing through my pictures and realised I have not done posting all my UK trip pictures hahaha.

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This was the day when we went for Industrial visit. Which in the end becomes Shopping visit lol. In each stop, there was always something me and Adi bought hahahaha.

We went to Port of Lancaster Smokehouse, Barton Grange, Wallings' of Cockerham, Lancaster the Brewery, and lastly to Booths.

We were separated to three groups because we are too big of a size if we go once shot all.

My group first went to the Port of Lancaster Smokehouse.  They sell smoked and unsmoked fish, meat, cheese, wine, and other things.

This was the guy who explained the thing to us. With his friendly face he told us how the fish is smoked and the onions behind him as well. That time, we could not get inside to see the procedure coz it is not ready yet. Perhaps the other groups got to see.

What they are selling inside the store.

Sweet Garlic Pickle which looks like Honey (I think) hahaha. So sweet for garlic!

Sweets, chocolate ..

Nougat! I bought the Carlier Nougat strawbeery! lol. I just want to avoid the nuts, besides the reason of it is pink. :p

This Farfalloni Pasta is so cute hahaha, looks like ribbon!

We then moved on to Barton Grange.

So many pretty flowers there.

Somehow it reminds me of Ikea. Haha.

And also clocks.

I admire the vegetables!! They are soooo fresh and cleannnnnnn!!

Look at the potatoes! I don't mind cooking and eating them every day! So clean I can't even. I am used to the dusty potatoes here in Jusco T_T which whenever I wanna choose I always use another plastic to cover my hand coz the toilet is too far only for washing my hand after choosing potatoes.

Christmas wasn't coming soon but I bought a box of Christmas cards already HAHA. It contains 25 assorted designs and sizes. I am excited to write them all XD.

Now Christmas is coming soon!! Wah, time flies, in a month we are gonna celebrate Christmas already? =OO

Saw this car on our way to bus to go on to another place. XD

We then went to Wallings' to get some Ice Cream!! They did bring us to the place they made the ice cream, and the freezer. But all we care was only the ice cream.

I look very fat with my Lancaster University hoodie LOL. That's the smallest size they have for the orange color =(( I don't want other color coz I think this one is the nicest hahaha.

Don't u think the ice cream is super cute?????!!!! And it tastes very good too!!

Mine was strawberry! Yes I love pink that much. Lol, no la, I just purely like strawberry ice cream and it's just so coincidentally in pink color also.

Happily done with our ice cream, we went to Lancaster the Brewery.

They let us go inside and see how they make the beer. Which I am not so interested because I couldn't stand the smell. =x. The smell was so strong inside I could barely smell other things when we went out haha. They told us all the things like inside that big pot need to be the exact temperature, exact time, etc etc. They also showed us the sample of the weed they us to make certain smell and taste.

I just wanna pose lol. With two photobombers. :p

Adi bought it. I have never had interests in beer or drinking. Can't stand the smell and don't believe it tastes good. I am a little kid. I know.

Move on, lastly we went to Booth.
Initially they said one of the store employee will bring us around and tell us things, but I don't know what happen but that did not happen. Instead, we shopped.

I think you know how Booth looks inside. Like any other supermarket. We were too busy looking around for things that we can buy lol.

And I bought this Heinz Hello Kitty Pasta lololololol. The cutest thing I found that day! Until now I haven't opened it nor tried it. I am scared it will taste weird and ruin the cuteness haha. But maybe I should one day before it expires.

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