Monday, November 12, 2012


I want more Suits T________T.

Not suits literally as this suit.

Although I'd love to have a set of pink one lol.

But I was talking about this series called Suits.

It's a legal drama, about attorneys and stuffs. It was introduced to me by a friend and I blamed him for introducing me to this series and the first night I watched, I watched till 4 AM because I just couldn't stop. Problem with me and series. lol.

The main two characters, Mike and Harvey, and I am in love with Harvey! Even though he is kinda fierce.. lol.

It is so addictive that I have finished watching all of the available episodes T_T. They will only continue airing on January 2013. SO I need to be patient hahaha...

In the meantime, I am watching Once Upon a Time =DD

Not as addictive as Suits though! But well, I have no more suits =(


Hillsong for you =D

Have a blessed day peeps!

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