Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Geng Sup(p)er


I am back! Miss me? Never mind if you don't, I do. I do miss blogging. Since I couldn't continue my previous blog, I lost a little bit of motivation =(. (Problem is solved, I am gonna keep blogging here.)

But I have so much to tell!!
These two weeks I was in Malaysia, and I was so occupied with a lot of things I rarely touch my laptop. And I learn a lot during this short trip!

Oh and I am saying good bye to Malaysia =(.

It was my last visit to Malaysia, well, not literally last, as in last coz I have no more reason to go there, except holiday next time.

That's why I was so busy, creating memories with close friends. THAT was my first intention! I wanted to spend my time with my close friends and my cell group (komsel). My thought was "I don't want to have too many connections then all are acquaintances. I want to deepen my relationships that I already have."

But then, God taught me that new is not bad too!

My first few days, I did not spend too much with my komsel and close friends. We I stayed in different place and they were kind of busy doing assignments and preparing exams. To be honest I was thinking gonna watch all the series I have coz no one was there to accompany me =(.

But, somehow I ended up spent my first week time with Andre, Natal, and Gani, whom I have never spent my time with them before in my past three years.

Andre has already gone back for good to Indonesia few months ago, and he came to visit and play around. I had a lunch with him the second day I was in Malaysia and we had great talk as we both are in 'similar position'.

But then I thought that would be it for me and Andre. Done over a lunch. Friends like how we were. Friends.

Guess I was wrong.

On Friday, there was an event in the church named Doa Semalam Ceria. We prayed until 3AM in the morning. I was not staying together with my komsel friends so I needed to find friends to go back together coz it was not near and besides, it was 3AM in the morning. I wanted to go back with Vanie but she needed to do evaluation first.

Therefore I followed Andre and Natal whom were fetched by Gani.

That's how we met each other LOL.

But going back together for once did not make anyone suddenly close.

Who knows.. that night was continued with supper. Then movie, dinner, supper the next day...... and dimsum, dessert, movie the next next day.... and dinner, supper the next next next day..... lol.
Suddenly the bond between us born and we have formed a Geng Supper. lol. Now you know why I am getting fatter =(.

I was amazed, real amazed, coz we were really not close at all previously.. ok la, not so bad, I know Andre and Natal but never really hung out together. And I am sorry, Gani, but I did not remember you before -.-. In my defense, Gani came to Malaysia on May and I don't really know the new people hahahaa. But then, in just few days we suddenly become so close! They have colored my "that few days" in Malaysia. Suddenly they have a place in my heart hahaha.

New is not always bad! It was fun and great to know each and everyone of them. New memories were created, laughter were shared, stories were told..

Besides, their presence reminds me that I will never be alone because God provides! He certainly did.. provide some friends for me.. while those I expected were busy.

So thank You God and Andre and Natal and Gani for letting me join you guys and have great time =)

Till the four of us meet again ="D

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