Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sad - Maroon 5

Well hi blog. Hi again.

Yea I am still in this sad mood, maybe you have already guessed it coz it's kind of rare for me to post two days in a row.

I am so sad. Keep repeating that sad song by Maroon 5.
Man, it's been a long day
Stuck thinking 'bout it driving on the freeway
Wondering if I really tried everything I could
Not knowing if I should try a little harder

Oh, but I'm scared to death
That there may not be another one like this
And I confess that I'm only holding on by a thin thin thread

I'm kicking the curb cause you never heard
The words that you needed so bad
And I'm kicking the dirt cause I never gave you
The things that you needed to have
I'm so sad, saaad

Man, it's been a long night
Just sitting here, trying not to look back
Still looking at the road we never drove on
And wondering if the one I chose was the right one
Oh, but I'm scared to death
That there may not be another one like this
And I confess that I'm only holding on by a thin thin thread

I'm kicking the curb cause you never heard
The words that you needed so bad
And I'm kicking the dirt cause I never gave you
The things that you needed to have
I'm so sad, saaad
I'm so sad, so sad

Oh, but I'm scared to death
That there may not be another one like this
And I confess that I'm only holding on by a thin thin thread

I'm kicking the curb cause you never heard
The words that you needed so bad
And I'm kicking the dirt cause I never gave you
The things that you needed to have
And I'm kicking the curb cause you never heard
The words that you needed so bad
I'm so sad, so sad

All I want for today was you.
If you ever read this.

Monday, December 30, 2013



This might be a sad post coz I am not in a happy mood set.

and I am not happy coz.. well, some things happened and I was not so prepared about it.

It's the expectation management I have to learn.
Always through the hard way.

This sort of moment happened before last time. Stupid expectation. Always ended up hurting me and the people I expect I guess.

Long time ago my mentor already told me, to learn expectation management. I guess she can foresee me having too high of expectations which most of the time ended up disappoint myself haha...

Like when I wanna watch a movie, people said the movie is nice, then I'd already have a high expectation of it. Which always disappoint me.. Last time my friend told me, when the book Twilight is released, she was like all crazy about it and told me every single day about how great that book is and that book will have the movie. So I was also waiting for the movie coz I was so curious how good that is!


Ya la, I have very high expectations the movie will be mad good.
But turns out the movie was just like that, when it ends, I was like "eh? that's it? what's the point of the movie?"


And when I wanna watch another movie, then people said the movie is super boring. I automatically lower my expectation, expect it to be so boring and ugly and not worth the time but I watch it anyway. And turns out it was okay.


High expectation most of the times lead to high disappointment.

But sometimes you just don't expect there would be nothing. Certain occasions, certain time, it's hard not to expect anything. Like example, during your birthday, it's hard to expect that no one will wish you birthday (unless you literally alone, no friends, no fams..). At least one either your closest friend, or someone who cares about you or your family, will remember your birthday. I hope so la, if you then means nobody cares and that's so sad.

So I guess people who are able to expect nothing.. I shall call him or her a shifu.
Having experience or knowledge or something on mind.. you will still expect something..
And when your expectations aren't met.. I guess you have to learn to control your disappointment haha.

Never mind this post.

It's just.. I don't know how to express my disappointment caused by my own expectations.

And what else a blog is there for except for this kind of time? :)

Good night.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Control Your Anger and Express It Differently

Why does such feeling like "angry" exist?

Today, just now, an angry old lady just called and scolded me. (I assume she is old since she scolds like an old auntie).

She called me two minutes just to scold me for something she had done wrong.
She had done something in an incorrect way. She submitted. I was asked to check. I checked. I found out there's a mistake. I told. About half an hour later I got a phone call. I was scolded.

She was mad. And her scoldings make me mad. She was scolding me for something not even in my control. And it was her mistake. People. Sigh.

I was trying to chill, or more to ignorance. I didn't talk to her loudly like the way she talked to me. I didn't reply her back with her tone. I didn't say such hurtful words like the words she used.

I didn't.

Instead, I was sort of being nice I think. For a start. Until she kept scolding me. So I turned into ignorance. And she scolded me to for being ignorance. Hahaha. Don't know what this aunty wants.

She then hung up the phone when I no longer said any word. Because I think whatever I say, she will keep scolding me and the stuffs she said ain't that nice.

She hung up.

I was mad. I feel like emailing her and her bosses and everyone and ask her to apologize to me.  For the things she had said. For her own mistake. And also to thank me because I helped her. I was angry, too.

But I didn't do that.

I tried my best to control whatever I could have done that perhaps won't be nice, either.

Instead, I talked to my colleague whom had asked me to check and she talked to her boss. Her boss talked to her. I guess case closed then.

However, as I write this, I am thinking, why was she so mad angry crazy piss off like that, while it was her own mistake and the correction was for her own goodness for God's sake.

Why does angry exist and why can't some people control their anger and end up hurting people?

I was hurt. I forgive her but it's just that it ain't easy to forget what she had said.

Why didn't she think what could have happen if I take whatever she says not for granted? How if I start banging my head to the wall? How if I send cockroaches to her workstation? How if I am angry enough I fly all the way to find her and cut her hair to bald? How if I am stressed out and I OD drink too much coke? How if I go to the mall and shop like mad? How? How? Tell me howwwwwwwww?

She's lucky I didn't do that.

But to entertain myself, I'd like to think why she did that. I think she had a panic attack. Maybe this is her is her first time making mistake, and she was so panicked even she could make a mistake. Or maybe she had always made a lot of mistakes and she was so angry at herself that she made another one and bored of scolding herself, she scolded me. Or maybe she has just nothing to do and she thought it would be fun to just randomly scold me. Or maybe that's the only way she knows to talk, loud, full of rage, and she had no good vocabulary. Or maybe she is just merely crazy and the only way to heal her is to scold people. Poor her.

But it's so obvious she felt insecure. After all she had just made a mistake, and probably she will get scolded for that mistake.

I admire her boyfriend (if she has one) if he could survive her.

I wanted to advise her to find other way to express her anger in other ways rather than scolding an innocent cute girl like me :p, but I am afraid she would scold me again so I just write them here not hoping she will find it though haha.

Anyway, in my very humble opinion, she could do other things without harming others, for example:

1. Do charity
I think this is a very good idea. Whenever she feels like scolding people, she should just take out her wallet and give some money to those who need or just random people. Or she could buy random people useful things. She is angry and she gave money to little girl on the side of the road "I am so angry I feel like giving you money!!" Brilliant idea. She could express her feeling without hurting others, instead she makes other people happy! Wow!

2. Just cry.
She could just cry and cry and cry. If she is mad for her own mistake, and afraid she would get scold, she should just cry. People will pity her lahh, cry already, won't scold her wan. But if she scolds especially for her own mistake, high chance she will get double scoldings. So she should just cry. Maybe she will be lucky enough (like me) to get a free burger coz I cry when I was once angry. Or the least, she will get tissue. And this is not harming anyone. Nope.

3. Start a blog.
Another good idea! She should just write a post every time she is angry. Like what I am doing. Just start a blog! Maybe if she is angry enough, she could even be famous for her anger posts? Angry birds also can be so famous. Why not she becomes angry aunty? Create a blog full of creative anger expression. I think she could be as famous as Xiaxue (maybe).

4. Paint or Draw
Or if she couldn't write, she could think of painting or drawing. Hmm, maybe she can be a famous painter too? You know, when she is angry, she could throw away all the colors (like what Katy Perry did) and make an abstract painting. Who knows there are some people out there find her paintings to be very artistic. Let me give her an example of my anger drawing.


5. Go to Malaysia and play smash bottle.

Image 2

The founder of this place is very brilliant!!~~ Nah go to this link: SmashHouse and they are currently having promotion at Groupon. Go grab now! Nice idea right!!

See!  I could find five better options to do when she is angry rather than scolding. My ideas could bring joy to other people, make her get free burger, give profit to smash house owner, and best of all, ain't harming anyone!

I am so brilliant. You're welcome.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Collete and Lola

Ce Monce was in town ^_^ few days ago lol. She came on a one day trip to Jakarta and we had a meet up :D

As can be seen in the above picture, we met up in Collete & Lola, on Saturday. Apparently it was a 'happening' place ahaha. Located in Senopati. So I drove all the way from North Jakarta to South Jakarta, like I always do on weekdays. Saturday is usually better, less jam. But I was out of luck that day, there was a truck stuck on the toll. T_T Made me late half an hour.

Collete and Lola was a cute place. It was my first time there and I didn't quite know the place before. I looked up at map before I left home and it was quite easy. I remember the shop located on my left (I came from Sudirman). So there I went and when almost reached the place, I kept looking at the left side of the road and apparently it was located on the right side and I almost missed the place! Luckily I took a glance to the right side of the road and I have passed it a bit. It was crowded and I was thinking how I turned back 'till the parking guy came and asked me whether I wanted to go to the restaurant (on the left side) and I said I wanna go to Collete and Lola which is on the right side *I pointed out to the place. Then he said, ok, just park here *he pointed at a side a bit behind me and I no need to do a u turn! I then asked whether I can really park there and he said yea yea what matters most is the safety! I was wowed by him! So he helped me giving guidance while I parked.

Finish parking, I need to cross the road right and I repeat it was crowded. THEN another parking guy in front of Collete and Lola, knowing I wanted to go there *I think it was written in my face lol*, he crossed the road and fetched me OMO!! He came to me and said let me help you to cross the road. So I crossed safely and easily with him stopping all the cars hahaha.

I was like wah, so good these people!! It felt so nice to have nice and kind people around! I felt angels are around me ^_^ and He was saying "Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous"


Happily and blessed, I went inside to meet my beloved ce Monce. She was with ko Niko and their friend. After I reached, ko Niko and his friend left to see other things in other place, to give me quality time with ce Monce hahaha.

It's good to see her again ^_^ we talked and update each other. Never mind what we talked about, we tried the cake there, Lollipop and another one I don't know the name. =p

When I came, the cakes were already there lol, took this pic from their website and can't find the other one. I am not a fan of cake though haha. I am too sweet to eat sweet stuffs :p :p :p but this Lollipop taste good. It has the popping sweet inside!! Surprise surprise!

They also sell big pretty cakes!

Lego cakes!

Short bread!

Cupcakes (board) lol

Creative greeting cards!

They have this a little bit space decorated nicely which I THINK it's supposed for people to take picture lol.

So we took a picture there too! =D

Life can be bitter so

Ciao! =D

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Selca with cute pose

#justforfun #nothingtodo #justdownloadedcomicapp #appcalledhalftone #halftone #selcameansselfcaptured #justignoremyface #happysunday

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I Better Take Care

I fall sick. Again. :(

I don't know what's wrong with me haha, yesterday morning, when I woke up and wanted to get ready to go to work, I suddenly felt not good at all. I started to have stomachache and the urge to vomit. And I vomited for a few times. T_______T Then I had an empty stomach so mom cooked porridge for me and I ate and also took medicine. Then I went to take a rest again and woke up to vomit everything I had eaten again T_T together with the medicine T_T

Then I went to work. On my way to work I also did not feel so good. I drank water to make me feel better. Reached office and I vomited again lol. All the water I had drank. All... T_____T

Then I had an empty stomach, feeling hungry, went to lunch, before lunch I vomited once again. It's like everything inside my body came up haha. I had no energy and had porridge for lunch but my body still didn't feel so well. Around 3 I asked permission to go home, and reached home, everything I had during lunch all came up... T_____T

So I went to see doctor at night..
I feel so terrible. Headache, can't eat, the only thing I can eat is porridge but even porridge I vomit it all, all my body is so painful, no energy, stomachache. Terrible. T____T

I don't know how come I become like this. Previous day I ate indomie though but I have never been like this just because I eat indomie. In fact, I had never been like this before in Malaysia. But this is my second time I vomit everything I eat since I am working (first time was around 3 months ago).

Many possibly reasons I can think of.. but I guess I am getting old lol. Can't simply eat things.. must take care of my body huhu. (But I always take care!! :p)

I am feeling better though now, as I can blog already haha.. But mom doesn't let me go to work today and I am so sad coz we have an event today and I was really looking forward to the event and now I can't join coz I am sick. T___________T

Imma take rest again so I can go to work again tomorrow!
Take care people. Don't be like me. It doesn't feel good.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sparkling Wifi

Me: Ce, restart wifi ce.
Sis: Iya, ntar gue beli
Me: Ha?
Sis: Aksi proteksi ga enak kan ya, ntar gue beli sparkling white
Me: Ha? Gue bilang restart wifi
Sis: Ohhh gue dengernya u bilang aksi proteksi ga enak nyuru gue beli sparkling white.. jauh bener yaa..
Me: Errr...

Then she went to restart the wifi.
PS: Aksi Proteksi & Sparklin White itu jenis odol Formula hahhaa

Friday, September 13, 2013

God's Favor: Porridge Edition

My mom went to Cilacap early this morning to attend my relative's wedding. So usually she prepares breakfast and lunch box for me to eat at work. This morning, coz she needs to go very early in the morning, I said no need to prepare anything, I can find my own food. Lunch is easy as I can go with my apprentice friends and it's been quite long I did not have lunch outside with them.

Breakfast is quite a problem.
Even be a more serious problem when this morning when I woke up, I found my phone was already dead and I don't know why.. and so my alarm wasn't ringing, or it was and I didn't hear and it was ringing until my phone died? I don't know. and by the time I woke up it was already 7.30 lol.

So I straight away took bath and everything and I had no time to chill around and prepare my breakfast. I thought I will simply buy bread or something la later, or just eat oatmeal or even just wait for lunch. Easy bitsy.

But on my way to work, I feel so hungry and I was thinking would it be very nice if I can get porridge. Yum yum. Last time in my previous work, when I want porridge I can ask a colleague's help to buy one for me too coz she always buys in the morning. This time I have no idea where to get a porridge. So that was just a simply thought.

When I reach office this morning, colleagues were talking about buying snacks so I follow to buy too. But I was too lazy to go down and find bread or anything, I thought ok snack should be enough.

But God's favor is all the time.

Suddenly my boss, before she wanted to go for a meeting, she saw me and offered me what can't be more real, PORRIDGE. She said she bought porridge and still have two, one for another guy and I can take the other one.  W.O.W.~ syalalala

So I am having a very nice porridge with snack as my breakfast.
Thank God and thanks boss! hahahaha

Have a great FRIDAY, people! =DD

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sushi Story

When I was in Malaysia, most of my meals, I had them with Traecy and there was a day when we just finished exam I guess (I forgot the occasion).. we went to Sunway Pyramid and wanted to have lunch in the Gardens. Went in with super hungry stomach and was already dreaming about the yummy Carbonara. Until we were inside and they told me Carbonara was sold out… so that was sad no 1.. then I ordered something else and we waited for quite some time for the food to come, that’s no 2 and the food taste bad. That’s no 3. I couldn’t even finish it.

And so, I was in the bad mood. I think even my face showed it coz Traecy said the whole lunch time my face and my mood was not good at all lol. And on that day only I realize that bad food can influence me that much!

That happened again yesterday.

So Sushi Tei was celebrating their 10th birthday yesterday and they’re having promotion 20% discount on color plate sushi on belt. One day only. Very specific promo hor.

One day only. Color plate only. On belt only. 20% discount only. Can’t combine with member card.
So I told my bro when he fetched me from work and he was like “Ok, let’s go to Sushi Tei in Emporium”.

There we off.

We reached there around 8PM and so long queue. Need to wait for another 10 queue before us.

And so we wait. When we finally can go inside, we were seated on the sushi bar, right in front of conveyor belt. First I was like “oh nice, can eat discounted sushi easily!”

First seated, they told us again that they were having a one day promotion, discount 20% on color plate sushi on the belt. We nodded, so we only ordered drink and waited for the sushi on belt.


There’s almost nothing on the belt.

For first 10 minutes we waited and nope, like nothing.

My bro was not that patient, HUNGRY, he finally decided to just order. He ordered salmon something and when he ordered the server said “if order don’t get the 20% discount” we nodded coz we already know but there’s nothing to be eaten on the belt so WE ORDER.

And the server left.

Few minutes after that, another server came and said “just now u ordered blablabla? Ordered sushi won’t get 20% discount” we nodded again.

Few minutes past again, his sushi still hasn’t come yet and still there was nothing on the belt.

Then, my turn to lost my patience so I called the waiter and I ordered sushi for myself too. AGAIN the waiter told me “ordered sushi won’t get 20% discount” and this time did I not only nod to her, I told her, “yes only sushi in the bar can get 20% discount but there’s nothing on the belt”

I was like thinking did she expect me not to eat?

So I was pretty annoyed and disappointed. And oh! I wanted salmon skin but always sold out. Teruk.
Then this reminds me of Sushi King in Malaysia. During bonanza time, when all color plates become only 2RM, the belt was FULL with sushi. SERIOUSLY FULL.

That shows how serious they are with their promotion! Not like.. ahem..

and I also realize that all my three years in Malaysia, I never even once eat in Sushi Tei Malaysia.. I'd go to Sushi Zanmai or Sushi King.. or Sakae Sushi (seldom though) 

Then I had a discussion with my bro and we realize that not a lot of affordable (and famous) sushi here.. We have sushi sei? Sushi groove? wondering are they good? I never tried them though.. Tried Kiyadon before but I think it’s expensive lol Sushi Tei has always been the most chosen coz.. I don’t know.. famous? And well taste good.. and other sushi are quite expensive.. or maybe coz no zanmai here hahahahahahaha

In conclusion, we need more sushi stall! Zanmai please come to JAKARTA PLEASEEEE!!! Hahaha.. I miss Tamago Mentai.. badly.. T_T

And that ends my complaint post :p

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lifehouse Bookstore -> King of Thai -> Friends

Don't be surprised. I need to blog more since I have like given myself a prize. lol.

I am loving my job, and my workstation. Love them. It's perfect. Spacious enough and well-built, people can't really see what you are doing. Near the window so u can anytime look through the window and see the traffic. It's on the floor which isn't too high yet nice enough to see down to the road.

But there are times where you just get fed up with your workstation. Stuck and can't think clearly for an idea. And when this kind of thing happened, you have to get out from your desk.

That what I did. With my mentor.

So there's once we went to a place to find inspiration. She told me before about this place, where it's placed near the corner and people can barely see that place. Not many know the existence of this place. But the place, she said, is a very nice place.

and I fell in love with this place on my first visit.

It's a bookstore called Lifehouse Bookstore. But it's not an ordinary bookstore though. It's a Christian bookstore which has a mini cafe inside. We sat there chilled, order coffee and tea and worked there haha. The place is really peaceful and comfortable. Calm music is played. During my first visit that time, Kari Jobe was played there. Since this is a bookstore, the place is mostly covered by books of course. They also have CD and DVD.

Lifehouse “Books, gifts, Café, Music”
Plaza Indonesia 1st Floor #006A, JL. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30 Jakarta
(021) 299 23 626

It has a range of books from parenting, relationships, marriage, self-help books, and business.

That time, I was not really looking on the books. Coz it was working hour and I was supposed to work not reading books :p I was just browsing through and my eyes came across a book entitled something about the importance of having positive friends or benefit of having positive friends. Something like that. I forget what was it exactly coz I was just skipping through from far away and did not really see it. I wasn't even think about it until yesterday.

Yesterday (Friday), after work I had a meet up with Ibam and Ci Nai. Both I know when I was in FGCC and now three of us have back for good and currently working in Jakarta. Actually a lot of us FGCC-ers in Jakarta but somehow it often ends up only three of us again hahaha so yea..

We met up in Plaza Indonesia and had dinner in King of Thai in ex.

 This was me and Ci Nai trying to make our face look less chubby.. coz if no we look like below picture..

Round and around and around..... 

 Then we all like so artisy act like blogger and food critic, took picture of our food.. Chicken Pandan. Taste good!!

Ci Nai acting like a pro food critic lol lol lol

Tom Yum Soup. Fyi, I just had tom yum soup as well in the afternoon.. so it's like a Thai day for me hahah but this also taste nice!!

Ordered a Thai Ice tea, cost me 30k rupiah for this, but the cheapest drink was like 20k rupiah haha

This is beef salad..  taste good despite we found dead cockroach inside.. =3 went and told the staffs about our finding, and they felt very sorry for it.. They then prepared a new one for us.

and a complimentary dessert for each and every one of us as their apology. Not bad not bad. At least still give us something.

We ate there and cost us around 300k rupiah, 100k each person. Taste good and service good, maybe need to be cleaner a bit next time haha.

Anyway, during and after our dinner, we of course had a lot of chit chat! It's been a while. The last time we were supposed to meet three of us but then Ibam couldn't make it so left me and ci Nai only. This time since it was three of us there, many good sharing!!

We chit chat and share a lot of things till we did not realise, it was already 10 PM and a lot of shops already closed hahaha..

We shared our problems and we shared solutions. We shared things we learn and we learn again from each other. We updated each other and had fun talking about grown up stuffs which usually not very nice la haha. But having each other supporting, I guess that what makes life.. worth living.

That's why after the meet up, I was reminded of that book that I barely even remember the title. It's really important to have positive friends in life. They bring the best out of you. They are there to support you. I once saw my friend posted this as status "Kalau sayang berarti butuh, kalau butuh berarti nyari. Jadi kalo ga dicari ya berarti ga butuh apalagi sayang." ('If love then will need, if need then will find. If do not try to find at all then means don't need, let alone love.) I am glad we still find each other! And I am not talking only about ci Nai and Ibam here.. but about many of my other friends too :)

As I grow up (which isn't so nice, kids don't grow up so fast! lol) I realised that there are so many things in life, so many people come to my life and it's on both side whether to let each other to stay in your life. Friends can be for a reason, a season or a life time. You decide. So I will suggest you (and remind myself too) to have those positive friends stay for a life time. Those people color this life, let you grow, and make this life even worth living. :) andd... if someone wants to stay in your life for a life time.. they will make the effort. In however ways, they will make the effort. So if they did, for positive reason of course.. (some people will make the effort to stay too for negative reason, then ignore them), but if is positive.. don't ever take it for granted. Be grateful and be grateful and be grateful.

Ok. Random ends here. Imma find that book next week I guess!
Have a great night ;)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10 Things I Miss from Summer UK Trip

I miss UK =(

Somehow people around me were going to UK lately.
My bro.
My colleague.
My Malaysian friends. Noted the s.


I wanna go back there too!

I once opened up my Path and saw my posts after that trip were really like missing that place so much hahaha. Went there must have been one of my best three weeks ever. It was like a dream staying there three weeks without a need to worry about anything beside where to go. Anyway, if we don't know where to go we can always go to shopping outlet lol.

Like me who randomly went in FCUK and bought a pair of super cute pink jelly slippers *_*

Talking about how I miss UK, here are the things I miss the most:

1. English Breakfast
Hahaha, although having it every day might eventually make you bored, but this is something that I surely miss!! Hash-brown, sausage, bacon, eggs, that vege roll that I loved so much.. and orange juice.. and yoghurt. Miss it! Especially the one in our Lancaster university cottage.. nyam nyam..

Dislike the tasteless noodle and the tomato haha. Love the rest though!
Apparently I can't live without rice :p
2. Weather
If you live in Indonesia, and you went to UK during summer time, you will come back and feel so humid hahahaha. I am serious. I was lucky I went there during summer time and the weather was perfect. In London during the day it was not that hot yet not that cold. Well in higher places like Lancaster and Lake District it was cold though, but it was nice. You can feel the breezy wind.. the sun that was not hot.. you have no fear of being dark lol, but actually they do make you dark u just dont feel it hahaha. I don't like if it's too cold but summer in London was perfect!

3. Surprise
I mean seriously, where else can you find this kind of surprise? In the middle of your trip in the train, you see these people come and sit in front of you! hahaha

Or suddenly you see thissssssss.... passing by the road...

Can this be my wedding car?? hahaha
4. Musical
It's not like we don't have musical in other countries. We do. They sometimes visit Malaysia or Singapore or Indonesia (but veryyyyyyyyy seldom guess due to the non English speaking boo!!) butttttttttt when they come to these places, 1. the choices are limited. Of course, we can only watch those who come and only certain times. 2. the price is wayyy too high. :( Of course.. they fly all the way to other countries..
And I love musical!! I love to see those amazing people act, dance, sing and all those decoration, costumes and all *_* I love it love it love it!!

Musical (I think) is not that popular here in Indonesia.. and I think (again) if kids tell their parents, I wanna be a musical actor or actress or dancer.. the parents will look at her or him in a 'I am a failed parent' kind of way and ask them to go study, get your degree and work in a big company from 9 to 5. Hahaha. That's the conventional kind of parents la of course. A lot of open minded parents might not mind that much but let's face it, there are very few chances to play in a musical here in Indonesia.

However, it is different there in UK right? It's actually an option to be a musical player hahhaa. And that's amazing for me! If I was to go to London again, I will surely spend more time to watch musicals!

5. British Accent
LOL. Which woman does not melt hearing British Accent? lol lol. Especially if it's combined with gorgeous face.. chin dimple.. blue eyes.. *__________________* I am melting right now hahahahaha

*_* *_* *_*
*no idea what pic should I put to describe British Accent so here ALEX PETTYFER my all time fave hahaha he's so handsome leh!*
6.  Everyone Speaks English and You Just Have to Act not Like a Tourist.
I love the fact that everyone there speaks English. You can understand what everyone is saying!! Ok la some maybe a bit hard to catch due to the South/North slang.. but still.. It's English everywhere.. and when you don't act like you are a tourist, you don't look like a tourist.. I mean, it's very diverse there you can just act like you are a migrate local too. lol.

Gotta say Adi is so lucky take pictures with us all girls! haha

3 weeks having fun there without the need of thinking reality hahahaha. JUZT HAVE FUNZZ!!

Obviously an epic fail picture lol can't see my face hahahaa but IT WAS FUN trying to get the best pictures! At the green park, under the sun, play play only haha.

It was so shiny my eyes can't stand it I can't face the camera lol

8. The Scenery!!
I'm gonna say this again. People always say, the grass is always greened on the other side. AND IT IS TRUE. lol. Look at these pictures.. The scenery is very picturesque.. less air pollution.. very green.. very refreshing for eyes hahaha



and flowers

no filter! nice rite! @Lake District now can tag???????

9. The Transportation
Maybe it should be the 'safe' feeling when I transport. Coz yeah, it feels safe to travel using public transportation there. Not to mention, they have complete transport. Who doesn't know London's tube? We can reach almost everywhere with the public transportation. Or you can also walk. Less polluted air and lesser cars and lesser sun heat lol makes it fine to just walk around. Plus it is very healthy to walk! Burn those fat on your tummy! hahaha

I look so chubby ._.

10. Friendship that born there
Last but not least, I miss all the friends, friend I went with together, friends I had fun with together there, friends I just met there. Yes friendship can be found in any other places too but still I miss those friends I went with. Adi, as my just-met soul-mate lol. Krisho, my shopping friends. Eric, one of a kind team leader. Jana, the one I believe can change the world. Felix, my more than just a best friend. Saad, kind and calm from Pakistan. Cherry, sweet little girl. Anchal, always happy and full of energy. Rachel & Sheng Yuan, the cinlok couple. Gim Chuan! Best of the best joker hahaha. The rest of Malaysian friends who I can't state one by one. haha. It was such an experience and I am truly grateful I decided to go even though my classmates all betray me lol *yeah, you tracy, tat yang and all! hahahaha joking :p


Let's work hard and go there again ^^