Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Highschool Friends



Today is public holiday in Indonesia and since morning I was like "what should I do today?" and actually blogging was not in my mind, till I open my laptop and alright maybe I should write something. Hahaha.

But then.
I don't know what to write about. T_T

My life lately evolves around office and home. Sometime I go and have fun too but not as much as before hahaha.

I guess working has significant impact in how I live my life -.-
I wake up super early everyday to avoid jam, and even weekend I still wake up early to have tutor and go to church. YES I have tutor at weekend hahahaha, omo I am so hardworking ah! Hahaha.

Anyway for that change, I guess it was a pretty good change, healthier life.

Wake up early leads to sleep early too and that means no more supper. But then again, in Jakarta I have no supper gang and parents surely won't let me out so late hahaha.

But normal hang out also I very seldom already!
Hmm, in 2013 I have only gone to cinema ONCE and it was on January. Wow.
When I was in highschool I think every week also I went to watch movie hahaha.

Now all me and gang do is eat (that explains my chubby cheek) or talk about life. *sigh* I am old.

It has been a while since I gather with Teddy, Denny and CS. We used to meet up every week.
With Michelle and Hony also getting lesser =( but we still try our best to hang out together whenever we can. Which usually we can't. I have fixed working schedule and we can only go out after work or weekend, but usually weekend they two will be busy with their own work.

But we still try our best to meet up!!
So I still have some pictures! =DD

This was on January T_T and four of us haven't really met since then!

with Hony ^.^

I still have regular meet ups with her hahhaa


This was on February after work!

Teddy's bday cake! Cute right! hahaha. A time when we gather but then I was pretty tired that day cos I waited so long for they all to reach T_T
Teddy and all the girls hahaha
This was not long ago! yay! We ate Mie sakau and I want it again T_T

This was on valentine's day. I hate this pic. I look fat hahahahaa.

They are all my high school friends and I really treasure each and every moment spent with them. How time flies. Feels like yesterday, every day we go to school, study together, laugh together, play, eat, and everything together. ='). Now everyone is busy and walking on their own path but I am glad that we could still see each other and catch up and still loving each other and being there when in need.

"A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles" - Tim Cahill.

Glad to call each and everyone of you my friends. Love love!