Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10 Things I Miss from Summer UK Trip

I miss UK =(

Somehow people around me were going to UK lately.
My bro.
My colleague.
My Malaysian friends. Noted the s.


I wanna go back there too!

I once opened up my Path and saw my posts after that trip were really like missing that place so much hahaha. Went there must have been one of my best three weeks ever. It was like a dream staying there three weeks without a need to worry about anything beside where to go. Anyway, if we don't know where to go we can always go to shopping outlet lol.

Like me who randomly went in FCUK and bought a pair of super cute pink jelly slippers *_*

Talking about how I miss UK, here are the things I miss the most:

1. English Breakfast
Hahaha, although having it every day might eventually make you bored, but this is something that I surely miss!! Hash-brown, sausage, bacon, eggs, that vege roll that I loved so much.. and orange juice.. and yoghurt. Miss it! Especially the one in our Lancaster university cottage.. nyam nyam..

Dislike the tasteless noodle and the tomato haha. Love the rest though!
Apparently I can't live without rice :p
2. Weather
If you live in Indonesia, and you went to UK during summer time, you will come back and feel so humid hahahaha. I am serious. I was lucky I went there during summer time and the weather was perfect. In London during the day it was not that hot yet not that cold. Well in higher places like Lancaster and Lake District it was cold though, but it was nice. You can feel the breezy wind.. the sun that was not hot.. you have no fear of being dark lol, but actually they do make you dark u just dont feel it hahaha. I don't like if it's too cold but summer in London was perfect!

3. Surprise
I mean seriously, where else can you find this kind of surprise? In the middle of your trip in the train, you see these people come and sit in front of you! hahaha

Or suddenly you see thissssssss.... passing by the road...

Can this be my wedding car?? hahaha
4. Musical
It's not like we don't have musical in other countries. We do. They sometimes visit Malaysia or Singapore or Indonesia (but veryyyyyyyyy seldom guess due to the non English speaking boo!!) butttttttttt when they come to these places, 1. the choices are limited. Of course, we can only watch those who come and only certain times. 2. the price is wayyy too high. :( Of course.. they fly all the way to other countries..
And I love musical!! I love to see those amazing people act, dance, sing and all those decoration, costumes and all *_* I love it love it love it!!

Musical (I think) is not that popular here in Indonesia.. and I think (again) if kids tell their parents, I wanna be a musical actor or actress or dancer.. the parents will look at her or him in a 'I am a failed parent' kind of way and ask them to go study, get your degree and work in a big company from 9 to 5. Hahaha. That's the conventional kind of parents la of course. A lot of open minded parents might not mind that much but let's face it, there are very few chances to play in a musical here in Indonesia.

However, it is different there in UK right? It's actually an option to be a musical player hahhaa. And that's amazing for me! If I was to go to London again, I will surely spend more time to watch musicals!

5. British Accent
LOL. Which woman does not melt hearing British Accent? lol lol. Especially if it's combined with gorgeous face.. chin dimple.. blue eyes.. *__________________* I am melting right now hahahahaha

*_* *_* *_*
*no idea what pic should I put to describe British Accent so here ALEX PETTYFER my all time fave hahaha he's so handsome leh!*
6.  Everyone Speaks English and You Just Have to Act not Like a Tourist.
I love the fact that everyone there speaks English. You can understand what everyone is saying!! Ok la some maybe a bit hard to catch due to the South/North slang.. but still.. It's English everywhere.. and when you don't act like you are a tourist, you don't look like a tourist.. I mean, it's very diverse there you can just act like you are a migrate local too. lol.

Gotta say Adi is so lucky take pictures with us all girls! haha

3 weeks having fun there without the need of thinking reality hahahaha. JUZT HAVE FUNZZ!!

Obviously an epic fail picture lol can't see my face hahahaa but IT WAS FUN trying to get the best pictures! At the green park, under the sun, play play only haha.

It was so shiny my eyes can't stand it I can't face the camera lol

8. The Scenery!!
I'm gonna say this again. People always say, the grass is always greened on the other side. AND IT IS TRUE. lol. Look at these pictures.. The scenery is very picturesque.. less air pollution.. very green.. very refreshing for eyes hahaha



and flowers

no filter! nice rite! @Lake District now can tag???????

9. The Transportation
Maybe it should be the 'safe' feeling when I transport. Coz yeah, it feels safe to travel using public transportation there. Not to mention, they have complete transport. Who doesn't know London's tube? We can reach almost everywhere with the public transportation. Or you can also walk. Less polluted air and lesser cars and lesser sun heat lol makes it fine to just walk around. Plus it is very healthy to walk! Burn those fat on your tummy! hahaha

I look so chubby ._.

10. Friendship that born there
Last but not least, I miss all the friends, friend I went with together, friends I had fun with together there, friends I just met there. Yes friendship can be found in any other places too but still I miss those friends I went with. Adi, as my just-met soul-mate lol. Krisho, my shopping friends. Eric, one of a kind team leader. Jana, the one I believe can change the world. Felix, my more than just a best friend. Saad, kind and calm from Pakistan. Cherry, sweet little girl. Anchal, always happy and full of energy. Rachel & Sheng Yuan, the cinlok couple. Gim Chuan! Best of the best joker hahaha. The rest of Malaysian friends who I can't state one by one. haha. It was such an experience and I am truly grateful I decided to go even though my classmates all betray me lol *yeah, you tracy, tat yang and all! hahahaha joking :p


Let's work hard and go there again ^^

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