Saturday, August 10, 2013

Food Update.


It's already Saturday =")
Sad coz holiday is almost over without me doing anything productive but happy too coz 2 more day I get to work again and see my friends hahaha.

I am quite lucky coz my office has the whole week holiday ^.^
Even though I practically did nothing during this holiday..
So I kinda have nothing to share too..

All I did this week was only go to mall and eat. *poorly looks at cheeks*

If you follow my instagram (@landneyy), you might see my lack of update lol and my food update only hahaha. I also din take a lot of food pictures coz sometimes I way too hungry I eat and then forget to snap pics. sigh. i so fail.

Never mind, I do have some, what I had this week. Hahaha

My all time favourite - Mie Sakaw @ Cafe Dermaga Pantai Mutiara <3 br="">

This is Ayam Panggang Tepi Sawah from Bebek Tepi Sawah @ Living World. I prefer the Nasi Ayam Lengkuas though coz I can't finish this one haha.

Tried Singapore Fish and Chips @ Fish & Co Central Park. The sauce is yummy! Got the crab tomato taste but having too much also not good haha.

Meet up with Natal & Ci Ellen. Planned to have breakfast, we ended up have lunch in Pizza e Birra @ Plaza Indonesia

This is the French Fries with Blue Cheese Royale from Pizza e Birra. Ordered another pizza, meet me in heaven, but forgot to snap! haha

Les Japonais Pasta with Chicken Katsu and additional egg from Beatrice Quarter's @ PIK. My second time went to this place and the food wasn't bad oh! Wanna eat the honey bread but too full already :(
This is Gusteau from Kitchenette! Inside got mozzarella cheese and bacon! yum yum..  My third time to visit Kitchenette but my first time to try their Savoury Galettes.. andd.. I prefer pasta haha. This is like very high class kind of paratha :))

I tried this Lavender Lime Italian Soda from Kitchenette too and I liked it!! It has the sweet taste from lavender and sour taste from lime soda. If only they use sprite instead of soda water, I would love it more!! hahahaha

Besides this all, I also had Bakso but too mainstream so I didn't bother to take picture lol. I had Bakso Afung as well as Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan. Hahaha. Also had Bakmie Pejagalan and Chicken Popcorn and Milk Tea from Bobbabitz.

I guess Imma avoid scale for a while.


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