Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lifehouse Bookstore -> King of Thai -> Friends

Don't be surprised. I need to blog more since I have like given myself a prize. lol.

I am loving my job, and my workstation. Love them. It's perfect. Spacious enough and well-built, people can't really see what you are doing. Near the window so u can anytime look through the window and see the traffic. It's on the floor which isn't too high yet nice enough to see down to the road.

But there are times where you just get fed up with your workstation. Stuck and can't think clearly for an idea. And when this kind of thing happened, you have to get out from your desk.

That what I did. With my mentor.

So there's once we went to a place to find inspiration. She told me before about this place, where it's placed near the corner and people can barely see that place. Not many know the existence of this place. But the place, she said, is a very nice place.

and I fell in love with this place on my first visit.

It's a bookstore called Lifehouse Bookstore. But it's not an ordinary bookstore though. It's a Christian bookstore which has a mini cafe inside. We sat there chilled, order coffee and tea and worked there haha. The place is really peaceful and comfortable. Calm music is played. During my first visit that time, Kari Jobe was played there. Since this is a bookstore, the place is mostly covered by books of course. They also have CD and DVD.

Lifehouse “Books, gifts, CafĂ©, Music”
Plaza Indonesia 1st Floor #006A, JL. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30 Jakarta
(021) 299 23 626

It has a range of books from parenting, relationships, marriage, self-help books, and business.

That time, I was not really looking on the books. Coz it was working hour and I was supposed to work not reading books :p I was just browsing through and my eyes came across a book entitled something about the importance of having positive friends or benefit of having positive friends. Something like that. I forget what was it exactly coz I was just skipping through from far away and did not really see it. I wasn't even think about it until yesterday.

Yesterday (Friday), after work I had a meet up with Ibam and Ci Nai. Both I know when I was in FGCC and now three of us have back for good and currently working in Jakarta. Actually a lot of us FGCC-ers in Jakarta but somehow it often ends up only three of us again hahaha so yea..

We met up in Plaza Indonesia and had dinner in King of Thai in ex.

 This was me and Ci Nai trying to make our face look less chubby.. coz if no we look like below picture..

Round and around and around..... 

 Then we all like so artisy act like blogger and food critic, took picture of our food.. Chicken Pandan. Taste good!!

Ci Nai acting like a pro food critic lol lol lol

Tom Yum Soup. Fyi, I just had tom yum soup as well in the afternoon.. so it's like a Thai day for me hahah but this also taste nice!!

Ordered a Thai Ice tea, cost me 30k rupiah for this, but the cheapest drink was like 20k rupiah haha

This is beef salad..  taste good despite we found dead cockroach inside.. =3 went and told the staffs about our finding, and they felt very sorry for it.. They then prepared a new one for us.

and a complimentary dessert for each and every one of us as their apology. Not bad not bad. At least still give us something.

We ate there and cost us around 300k rupiah, 100k each person. Taste good and service good, maybe need to be cleaner a bit next time haha.

Anyway, during and after our dinner, we of course had a lot of chit chat! It's been a while. The last time we were supposed to meet three of us but then Ibam couldn't make it so left me and ci Nai only. This time since it was three of us there, many good sharing!!

We chit chat and share a lot of things till we did not realise, it was already 10 PM and a lot of shops already closed hahaha..

We shared our problems and we shared solutions. We shared things we learn and we learn again from each other. We updated each other and had fun talking about grown up stuffs which usually not very nice la haha. But having each other supporting, I guess that what makes life.. worth living.

That's why after the meet up, I was reminded of that book that I barely even remember the title. It's really important to have positive friends in life. They bring the best out of you. They are there to support you. I once saw my friend posted this as status "Kalau sayang berarti butuh, kalau butuh berarti nyari. Jadi kalo ga dicari ya berarti ga butuh apalagi sayang." ('If love then will need, if need then will find. If do not try to find at all then means don't need, let alone love.) I am glad we still find each other! And I am not talking only about ci Nai and Ibam here.. but about many of my other friends too :)

As I grow up (which isn't so nice, kids don't grow up so fast! lol) I realised that there are so many things in life, so many people come to my life and it's on both side whether to let each other to stay in your life. Friends can be for a reason, a season or a life time. You decide. So I will suggest you (and remind myself too) to have those positive friends stay for a life time. Those people color this life, let you grow, and make this life even worth living. :) andd... if someone wants to stay in your life for a life time.. they will make the effort. In however ways, they will make the effort. So if they did, for positive reason of course.. (some people will make the effort to stay too for negative reason, then ignore them), but if is positive.. don't ever take it for granted. Be grateful and be grateful and be grateful.

Ok. Random ends here. Imma find that book next week I guess!
Have a great night ;)

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