Saturday, August 17, 2013 (soon)

If you checked my blog's archive. My first blog was on September 2007. I have been blogging on and off for six freaking years wow. Next month is the sixth anniversary for Wow. Even though I blog on and off, but eventually I always come back and this can be considered as an achievement!! Hahaha.

But if you see, this year is the worst in my blogging history. It's August and I only have 7 posts. Other years I have at least two digits of number of posts. I didn't even write anything on January.

Slow internet to be blame number 1, following by my laziness due to slow internet :p *Still blaming the slowwwwwwwwwwwwww internet.

But as this blog has been considered as an achievement, I shall keep it up, RIGHT?? I shall reward it something for its sixth birthday!


I have decided to actually buy my own domain name for this blog hahaha. Saying goodbye to free domain yay!

After long and long discussions, went to ask some people on what name I should use -_- yea, I used some time to decide between, or Wanted to have but yep, someone has gotten it already.

If I was to buy domain name long time ago, last year at least, I won't be confused on what name I should use. landneyy it is. My all time favorite nick lol. leniwa and leniwaty came for a thought coz I want an easier name. leniwa would be very easy to spell and to remember. This one popped up coz my new email has been cut into leniwa ahahahah. First I was like SO WEIRD!! Why wanna cut half like that why no leni or leniwaty haha. Now I found it quite cute la, since it's my new identity now, must love it! But apparently many do not support me lol. Trace said it's weird. She said better leniwaty in case I get famous then people will know me by name lol. On second thought, I have been using this landneyy for so long, why do I want to change.

So after thinking so long, keep changing my mind, I finally decided to use landneyy. As ko Wawan also voted for this hahaha. Say hello to! yay yay.

And to avoid me changing my mind again, I already registered it through rumahweb. Done all the transaction needed just now but since today is a public holiday and I did it on almost 11 PM, where I think maybe the people already asleep lol, it hasn't be confirmed yet. Hopefully soon, at least tomorrow, I can use the new domain already hahaha.

I must be more hardworking in blogging since I have my own domain now!! or soon at least. hehehe.
Will inform again once it can be used :D

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Unknown said...

How much do pay for that in MYR? Hehe