Friday, September 13, 2013

God's Favor: Porridge Edition

My mom went to Cilacap early this morning to attend my relative's wedding. So usually she prepares breakfast and lunch box for me to eat at work. This morning, coz she needs to go very early in the morning, I said no need to prepare anything, I can find my own food. Lunch is easy as I can go with my apprentice friends and it's been quite long I did not have lunch outside with them.

Breakfast is quite a problem.
Even be a more serious problem when this morning when I woke up, I found my phone was already dead and I don't know why.. and so my alarm wasn't ringing, or it was and I didn't hear and it was ringing until my phone died? I don't know. and by the time I woke up it was already 7.30 lol.

So I straight away took bath and everything and I had no time to chill around and prepare my breakfast. I thought I will simply buy bread or something la later, or just eat oatmeal or even just wait for lunch. Easy bitsy.

But on my way to work, I feel so hungry and I was thinking would it be very nice if I can get porridge. Yum yum. Last time in my previous work, when I want porridge I can ask a colleague's help to buy one for me too coz she always buys in the morning. This time I have no idea where to get a porridge. So that was just a simply thought.

When I reach office this morning, colleagues were talking about buying snacks so I follow to buy too. But I was too lazy to go down and find bread or anything, I thought ok snack should be enough.

But God's favor is all the time.

Suddenly my boss, before she wanted to go for a meeting, she saw me and offered me what can't be more real, PORRIDGE. She said she bought porridge and still have two, one for another guy and I can take the other one.  W.O.W.~ syalalala

So I am having a very nice porridge with snack as my breakfast.
Thank God and thanks boss! hahahaha

Have a great FRIDAY, people! =DD

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