Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sushi Story

When I was in Malaysia, most of my meals, I had them with Traecy and there was a day when we just finished exam I guess (I forgot the occasion).. we went to Sunway Pyramid and wanted to have lunch in the Gardens. Went in with super hungry stomach and was already dreaming about the yummy Carbonara. Until we were inside and they told me Carbonara was sold out… so that was sad no 1.. then I ordered something else and we waited for quite some time for the food to come, that’s no 2 and the food taste bad. That’s no 3. I couldn’t even finish it.

And so, I was in the bad mood. I think even my face showed it coz Traecy said the whole lunch time my face and my mood was not good at all lol. And on that day only I realize that bad food can influence me that much!

That happened again yesterday.

So Sushi Tei was celebrating their 10th birthday yesterday and they’re having promotion 20% discount on color plate sushi on belt. One day only. Very specific promo hor.

One day only. Color plate only. On belt only. 20% discount only. Can’t combine with member card.
So I told my bro when he fetched me from work and he was like “Ok, let’s go to Sushi Tei in Emporium”.

There we off.

We reached there around 8PM and so long queue. Need to wait for another 10 queue before us.

And so we wait. When we finally can go inside, we were seated on the sushi bar, right in front of conveyor belt. First I was like “oh nice, can eat discounted sushi easily!”

First seated, they told us again that they were having a one day promotion, discount 20% on color plate sushi on the belt. We nodded, so we only ordered drink and waited for the sushi on belt.


There’s almost nothing on the belt.

For first 10 minutes we waited and nope, like nothing.

My bro was not that patient, HUNGRY, he finally decided to just order. He ordered salmon something and when he ordered the server said “if order don’t get the 20% discount” we nodded coz we already know but there’s nothing to be eaten on the belt so WE ORDER.

And the server left.

Few minutes after that, another server came and said “just now u ordered blablabla? Ordered sushi won’t get 20% discount” we nodded again.

Few minutes past again, his sushi still hasn’t come yet and still there was nothing on the belt.

Then, my turn to lost my patience so I called the waiter and I ordered sushi for myself too. AGAIN the waiter told me “ordered sushi won’t get 20% discount” and this time did I not only nod to her, I told her, “yes only sushi in the bar can get 20% discount but there’s nothing on the belt”

I was like thinking did she expect me not to eat?

So I was pretty annoyed and disappointed. And oh! I wanted salmon skin but always sold out. Teruk.
Then this reminds me of Sushi King in Malaysia. During bonanza time, when all color plates become only 2RM, the belt was FULL with sushi. SERIOUSLY FULL.

That shows how serious they are with their promotion! Not like.. ahem..

and I also realize that all my three years in Malaysia, I never even once eat in Sushi Tei Malaysia.. I'd go to Sushi Zanmai or Sushi King.. or Sakae Sushi (seldom though) 

Then I had a discussion with my bro and we realize that not a lot of affordable (and famous) sushi here.. We have sushi sei? Sushi groove? wondering are they good? I never tried them though.. Tried Kiyadon before but I think it’s expensive lol Sushi Tei has always been the most chosen coz.. I don’t know.. famous? And well taste good.. and other sushi are quite expensive.. or maybe coz no zanmai here hahahahahahaha

In conclusion, we need more sushi stall! Zanmai please come to JAKARTA PLEASEEEE!!! Hahaha.. I miss Tamago Mentai.. badly.. T_T

And that ends my complaint post :p

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tracielity said...

Oh finally I can leave comment!! HAHAHAHA Its been forever since I ever come to check out your blog, because I was attracted to the tamago mentai photo LOL!!!

You sound so Malaysian d... "Very specific promo hor" LOL very Malaysian Chinese.