Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Collete and Lola

Ce Monce was in town ^_^ few days ago lol. She came on a one day trip to Jakarta and we had a meet up :D

As can be seen in the above picture, we met up in Collete & Lola, on Saturday. Apparently it was a 'happening' place ahaha. Located in Senopati. So I drove all the way from North Jakarta to South Jakarta, like I always do on weekdays. Saturday is usually better, less jam. But I was out of luck that day, there was a truck stuck on the toll. T_T Made me late half an hour.

Collete and Lola was a cute place. It was my first time there and I didn't quite know the place before. I looked up at map before I left home and it was quite easy. I remember the shop located on my left (I came from Sudirman). So there I went and when almost reached the place, I kept looking at the left side of the road and apparently it was located on the right side and I almost missed the place! Luckily I took a glance to the right side of the road and I have passed it a bit. It was crowded and I was thinking how I turned back 'till the parking guy came and asked me whether I wanted to go to the restaurant (on the left side) and I said I wanna go to Collete and Lola which is on the right side *I pointed out to the place. Then he said, ok, just park here *he pointed at a side a bit behind me and I no need to do a u turn! I then asked whether I can really park there and he said yea yea what matters most is the safety! I was wowed by him! So he helped me giving guidance while I parked.

Finish parking, I need to cross the road right and I repeat it was crowded. THEN another parking guy in front of Collete and Lola, knowing I wanted to go there *I think it was written in my face lol*, he crossed the road and fetched me OMO!! He came to me and said let me help you to cross the road. So I crossed safely and easily with him stopping all the cars hahaha.

I was like wah, so good these people!! It felt so nice to have nice and kind people around! I felt angels are around me ^_^ and He was saying "Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous"


Happily and blessed, I went inside to meet my beloved ce Monce. She was with ko Niko and their friend. After I reached, ko Niko and his friend left to see other things in other place, to give me quality time with ce Monce hahaha.

It's good to see her again ^_^ we talked and update each other. Never mind what we talked about, we tried the cake there, Lollipop and another one I don't know the name. =p

When I came, the cakes were already there lol, took this pic from their website and can't find the other one. I am not a fan of cake though haha. I am too sweet to eat sweet stuffs :p :p :p but this Lollipop taste good. It has the popping sweet inside!! Surprise surprise!

They also sell big pretty cakes!

Lego cakes!

Short bread!

Cupcakes (board) lol

Creative greeting cards!

They have this a little bit space decorated nicely which I THINK it's supposed for people to take picture lol.

So we took a picture there too! =D

Life can be bitter so

Ciao! =D

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