Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I Better Take Care

I fall sick. Again. :(

I don't know what's wrong with me haha, yesterday morning, when I woke up and wanted to get ready to go to work, I suddenly felt not good at all. I started to have stomachache and the urge to vomit. And I vomited for a few times. T_______T Then I had an empty stomach so mom cooked porridge for me and I ate and also took medicine. Then I went to take a rest again and woke up to vomit everything I had eaten again T_T together with the medicine T_T

Then I went to work. On my way to work I also did not feel so good. I drank water to make me feel better. Reached office and I vomited again lol. All the water I had drank. All... T_____T

Then I had an empty stomach, feeling hungry, went to lunch, before lunch I vomited once again. It's like everything inside my body came up haha. I had no energy and had porridge for lunch but my body still didn't feel so well. Around 3 I asked permission to go home, and reached home, everything I had during lunch all came up... T_____T

So I went to see doctor at night..
I feel so terrible. Headache, can't eat, the only thing I can eat is porridge but even porridge I vomit it all, all my body is so painful, no energy, stomachache. Terrible. T____T

I don't know how come I become like this. Previous day I ate indomie though but I have never been like this just because I eat indomie. In fact, I had never been like this before in Malaysia. But this is my second time I vomit everything I eat since I am working (first time was around 3 months ago).

Many possibly reasons I can think of.. but I guess I am getting old lol. Can't simply eat things.. must take care of my body huhu. (But I always take care!! :p)

I am feeling better though now, as I can blog already haha.. But mom doesn't let me go to work today and I am so sad coz we have an event today and I was really looking forward to the event and now I can't join coz I am sick. T___________T

Imma take rest again so I can go to work again tomorrow!
Take care people. Don't be like me. It doesn't feel good.

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zz said...

Somebody has not been taking care of herself!