Monday, December 30, 2013



This might be a sad post coz I am not in a happy mood set.

and I am not happy coz.. well, some things happened and I was not so prepared about it.

It's the expectation management I have to learn.
Always through the hard way.

This sort of moment happened before last time. Stupid expectation. Always ended up hurting me and the people I expect I guess.

Long time ago my mentor already told me, to learn expectation management. I guess she can foresee me having too high of expectations which most of the time ended up disappoint myself haha...

Like when I wanna watch a movie, people said the movie is nice, then I'd already have a high expectation of it. Which always disappoint me.. Last time my friend told me, when the book Twilight is released, she was like all crazy about it and told me every single day about how great that book is and that book will have the movie. So I was also waiting for the movie coz I was so curious how good that is!


Ya la, I have very high expectations the movie will be mad good.
But turns out the movie was just like that, when it ends, I was like "eh? that's it? what's the point of the movie?"


And when I wanna watch another movie, then people said the movie is super boring. I automatically lower my expectation, expect it to be so boring and ugly and not worth the time but I watch it anyway. And turns out it was okay.


High expectation most of the times lead to high disappointment.

But sometimes you just don't expect there would be nothing. Certain occasions, certain time, it's hard not to expect anything. Like example, during your birthday, it's hard to expect that no one will wish you birthday (unless you literally alone, no friends, no fams..). At least one either your closest friend, or someone who cares about you or your family, will remember your birthday. I hope so la, if you then means nobody cares and that's so sad.

So I guess people who are able to expect nothing.. I shall call him or her a shifu.
Having experience or knowledge or something on mind.. you will still expect something..
And when your expectations aren't met.. I guess you have to learn to control your disappointment haha.

Never mind this post.

It's just.. I don't know how to express my disappointment caused by my own expectations.

And what else a blog is there for except for this kind of time? :)

Good night.

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