Monday, November 10, 2014


Hi. It has been a while.. I have been busy with my current work, as well as my shoes line.

There are many things that I want to jot down, so I can read again in the future.. but I have no time to do that.. or maybe I just did not try to spare some of my time to do that.. :(

Yesterday I read an article, about how a guy in his middle 40s confessed how he had fucked up his whole life. How he in his 20s had this passion to change the world, to travel around the world, but he did not do that because his work consumed all his time, and when he looked back he had done nothing with his life.

It was a great post, reminds me of my life. I am on my early 20s and this is the right time if I want to chase my dream. But then, what was my dream again? Is working like today really all I want to do with my life?

There are many many things floating in my mind.. Yes I am working on my shoes line, but then again, is that what I want to do with my life? Well, it might..

I can say currently my life has been around shoes and work only. I woke up to settle my shoes stuff (marketing etc), then I go to work, then I go back home late at night and I continue by packing the shoes and marketing them again. Every single day. On Saturday & Sunday I sometimes see my suppliers or I have to take pictures of the shoes.

Lack of time for me to actually meet my friends and socialize or join new community..

Sometimes I think, how come I was so free when I was in uni? I can watch all the series available, hang out every week, sleep enough.. and cook.. which actually consumes a lot of time too!
How come I have no time to do anything now?

Actually I don't know where this post is going lol.. perhaps none..
It's just me letting out things in my mind :|

I have to look back again and see, what I really want to do with this life..

Anyway to brighten up a bit, this year alone I have traveled to some new places and some places I have visited before but I did different things. I will try my best to find a time to write those.. Such a waste to let the memory just pass hahaha.


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