Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hello (again) Bali

Greetings from Bali 😌

This is my second time to Bali. You know when was my first time? Last week. Yap. I was just from Bali last week for company's kick off. I went back on Sunday and four days later which is today, I am back yo hahaha. This time is also for work event. 

The thing about traveling for work is people think I am having so much fun I keep going here and there. The truth is... Yes I am having fun hahaha Ok la at times it gets so boring listening to all the presentations and all the mingling tingling, but at least I am bored in Bali 😛😛😛 lololol

These few months have been very productive for my travel diary, I know I shall blog about it, maybe.. Later.. When I am done preparing my presentation.. And that reminds me.. I shall back to my presentation 😨😨😨 seeeyaaa!

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