Monday, April 25, 2016

Blessed 24!

Last Monday, 18 April, I turned 24 years old. Wow. When I think I am now 24 yo, I realize I am no longer that young hahahhaa. I am an adult and it scares me coz I still feel like a little girl lol. Probably coz I am this young sister at home and still the youngest among my colleagues, so I always feel so young lol. But boy I am 24 now =O

Every year on my birthday, I always thought I had the best birthday "day" ever. 

On my 17th birthday, all my friends, full GANG, like everyone, 20 of them, gathered to surprise me despite 2 days after my bday we're gonna have national exam. 

I thought like no more year is gonna beat this year! 

But on my 20th bday, when I was in Malaysia, in the middle of the night, I was surprised by church friends. I was more surprise by the thoughts though, I am a very cheap girl, when I know someone actually thinks about me, I get so teary lol. I was surprised to see some of them as they were all coming from different areas, gathered in the middle of the night, to celebrate my birthday! I was not even on their birthday but they were all coming for me T_T.
It was like the best bday ever, and I thought no more year is gonna beat that year hahhaa.

I blogged about my 20th bday: here and here.

Every single year that's what I thought. But I was always wrong. My birthday gets better and better every year. My year gets better and better. The year is always the best year. 

Just like this year.
It has been a week since my birthday, but I still get all the birthday loves. #forevergrateful

Way before my birthday, my first birthday present arrived at my office. All the way from Korea!

It's a pretty Korean starbucks tumbler and all the sweets!! hahahaha. gomawoyo oppa!!

#The FGCC Girls
My birthday falls on Monday, but last Sunday, 17 April, my thoughtful friends were already spending their time for me. Apparently these girls have teamed up with the bf to surprise me, even though end up they were the one who got surprised instead lololol.

While I was in the church, they have already came to my room to prepare on surprising me. When we have done and I came home, they were not so prepared hahaha. But I really appreciate the thought and the time spent for me.

They even prepared a very pretty cake for me, baked by my favorite baker, Rowena from Sweet_Patisserie.


Thank you, girls - Ratna, Nia, Maria, Shelvy and Elin

#BF Fam
After the short celebration with the girls, me and bf continued our date lol. We went to watch movie and had dinner with BF Fam.
Dinner in Sushi Tei, so they gave me sushi cake!


After dinner, we went to his house to get my presents hahahaha. This year bf picked a bag for me!

And when we were admiring the bag, suddenly bf mom came and brought me a cake!!


So we had a little celebration with bf fam. Thank you T_T I am so touched by all the love T_T Bf mom had treated me like her own child and I am super grateful for that❤️
And on the real birthday itself, I received many cakes!

Cake#3 from my beloved partners who thoughtfully choose a PINK birthday cake hahhaa. They also thoughtfully picked very pretty pink presents for me. Love you guys T_T

Cake#4 also beautifully made and sent by my partners

BF sent a surprise flower in a box for me T_T thank you and love you!

Another partner also sent me a pink flower bouquet. I am a happy girl!!!

Did some photoshoot before we cut the cake hahaha

Cake#5 was even more special coz it was personally delivered to me by Nadeth, thank you dear!

A mini celebration, thanks for the love!

Cake#6 before end of the day, still received another one!

I received so much love for my birthday today, I am very overwhelmed. Thank you for having me on your thought and prayer today. Thank you for taking a little bit of your time to wish me a happy birthday. Indeed I had a very happy birthday! With the much love I received today, my only wish is to see more love being spread all over the world. There're just so much good things love can do. Like He said, "love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another." ❤️

The next day, I still received 3 boxes of puddings from another partner!

And also, I thought I had a secret admirer sent me this, coz this arrived without any name lololol.
But of course only my little Jenny who can think of this cute way to wish me! Miss u and love u too girl!

And a thoughtful friend, Andre who sent me this :D

#Sisters in God
At night, I had a grow class at church and my grow girls celebrated my birthday too.

Cake#7 I did not have the picture of the cake only lolol. I was actually very very sad because... the girl on the right, the one with black tshirt, she's my most fav baker, Rowena, the one I mentioned earlier.. she promised to bake a pretty cake for me (except for the one the girls order!) but she said she was busy the whole day and she was not able to bake me a cake and so they get me a normal chocolate cake instead.. T_T while I was very happy with the surprised, really, it was a surprised as I was not expecting anything- except for the cake lol, I was very sad coz I did not get her cake hahahahaha. It's like the most awaited cake!

Despite that, I was veryyyyyyyyyyyy happy and madly in love with these girls!


On Thursday, 21 April 2016, we have our community cell. Because my birthday had been celebrated on Tuesday, I did not think of anything such as my bday will be celebrated again.. hahaha.
But these lovely ladies, went beyond to make my day extra special.

After our commcell, when we wanted to go home, went to car park only to find my car was not in the place where I parked it!! I was shocked but very fast try to find my car key and luckily they did not move it too far so the alarm lock is still working hahahahahhaa. Although it feels like my life has shorten a bit lololol.



I really wanted to cry lolol. Now not because of my car, but because of their loveeeeeeeeeee, I am so touched T______________T What did I do to deserve this? Why am I so loved? T_T God blessed me much more than I deserve T_T

Thank you for showering me with love. Thank you for making me feel so loved. Thank you for letting me know that I am blessed beyond measure. They are the answers to my prayers and I really want to treasure this family 


THE MOST AWAITED CAKE lololol. AND it's so pretty!!!! It's wayyyyyyy beyond what I had expected hahahahhahaha sorry for this one I had expectation in mind lolol but she did a very great job with the pretty pink color, flowers, chocolates and most importantly the cut out of my face lololol. I am soooooooo happy and happy and happy! Thank you my dear Rowena!!!

Oh and they did not stop until there.. They actually prepared this for me and it's given to me 2 days after.. hahhahaa. They keep surprising me with their thoughts and loves and I can't even say anything anymore, except grateful to know and have them!

#SW14 Mula Mula
On Friday, ce Monce just reached Jakarta after her holiday in US. Before she went back to Bandung we met up with Nia and Ratna too.

and she got me another cake wow.

Cake#9 super pretty cake!! It's an ice cream cake with oreo filling inside!

The girls who made my uni life more colorful, who brought me closer to God, who showed me that it's possible to have non-blood-related family. My second family. <3 p="">


And lastly today I celebrated my birthday with my high school friends. Usually we'll always meet up on birthdays, but this year we've got no chance so we pull everyone's birthday and celebrated it together hahahhahaa.

Cake#10 is the cake we ordered together lololol from my fav baker of coz! Hahahhaa.

Always bring back the good old days! :D

I am very thankful. This love and blessings I got is beyond measure. Although there are some thoughts going on in my mind, but seeing these people, how much they love and care about me, I am really grateful and want to focus my love, and time, and energy to this positivity.

Time is the only thing we can't buy in this life. It's so precious as it is the only limited thing in this life. Having some people who are willing to spend their time for me, it's the greatest gift and blessing for me. I really appreciate every single time spent, every single thought given, every single prayer spoken, every single effort done. Thank you for making my day so special.

I love everyone of you here. I wish all the best for everyone of you and I wish God bless us abundantly too!! Much love!!

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