Friday, May 13, 2016

30dayschallenge day13: Highest CPS

This post was originally posted on my Dayre on 13 May 2016
It's funny now after 12 days, I can't wait to write my dayre lololol even though my readers potentially only 3 person hahahaha

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Today I was somehow feeling awful.. Bad mood.. Short tempered and upset.

Reasons were probably coz:
1. Traffic jam: I have to drive two hours only from home to Grand Indonesia 😭 
2. PMS: really I realize normally few days before my period I can be such a bitch 😭 everything is just wrong 😭
I was thinking maybe I should just stay at my room and meet no one so I will not get annoyed. But then I was scared if I get into depression coz I did not see anyone hahahaha 😅😅 

Anyway, Lunch today was with my distributor on Sushi Tei (again..just had sushi tei Last Monday lol) and they really cheered me up 😆 I think I should meet people, but just the right one hahaha. 

Also, when I was stuck in jam, I randomly opened path and saw a few people posting about jam too. It made me feel better.
1. Coz I know I am not alone in this jam 😂😂
2. Someone is having it worse coz his car is manual 😰😰 

So I try to be grateful even though I was stuck in jam and thinking about the food that's waiting for me! 😋
Today #norepeatootdchallenge 
Sweater I thinkkk from Bangkok? Lol forgot
Pants from Mango
 Things just get better throughout the day 🌟 
Before I off from office, one colleague from consumer team said I am among the highest on CPS. 

CPS is Cumulative Performance Score. 

So as sales we obviously have target every quarter hahaha. And our achievement is measured in CPS. 

I know my CPS last quarter coz I already saw it in the portal and my boss also sent me the email on that but I don't know about others. 

Apparently he got the info lol and he showed me.
And for last quarter I have the highest CPS in my team. I was like wow 😳😳😳. 

My CPS was 107% and not wanna brag but most of the quarters my CPS has always been around that, like pass 100 but never more than 110? So just about ngam ngam la.

Some people can get 200% or 300% and I have never reached that number lol so I thought 107% is very standard.....

Little did I know..... There are only 3 person last quarter with CPS more than 100% and I am one of them.....
 Only by God's Grace 
Credit belongs to God. Coz.... I really didn't think this is all possible if not because of Him so thank God!

Very important to live up this verse:
Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men - Colossians 3:23

And my mood was lighten up just because of this 🌟😂😂