Sunday, November 06, 2016

Hello again...

Hello, my abandoned blog.. that I have sort of forgotten.. blame dayre please! It's easier to post there lololol. Although I rarely write something there too. Ok sorry my blog, it's all because of me, I have forgotten you T_T

Thanks to Opa who sort of reminding me that I have a blog haha.

Poor you, in 2008 I wrote 124 posts. 8 years have passed and I only have 2 posts this year. Gonna be 3 with this one. The past two years also only 3 posts a year. Now come to think about it.. basically since I started working, this productivity level of writing has dropped to its minimum level. =O

My top priority now is working which takes up most of my time. Followed by socializing with friends. I rarely opened up my laptop when I am home, except for working. Now if I wanna browse anything, I will just use my phone. That's why if I wanna post anything, I did it on dayre. But I should not. I should have written it here. All my thoughts, my trips, my journey. I should have poured them all there so I can look back and see how myself change and grow. It's sad that I can't review my past 3 years because I didn't put anything here.

It's a great feeling when I look back to my old posts and laughed at myself for being so alay hahahhaa. But those bring back the good old memories. Now, what was happening in 2014 - 2016 again?? T_T


I think I will TRY to write my 2016 trips, and all the stuffs that I remember, and if I find the pictures in my phone.

Now, I have to finish up my work first and when I am done, if I am not lazy, I will, really, I will try to recap my trip.