Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Dinners

This post was originally posted on my Dayre on 26 Dec 2016
Merry Christmas!! Well it's past midnight already but it's okay. 

This year has got to be my most happening year, with the never ending Christmas lunchs and dinners.
It all started with a Christmas Lunch with one of my disti in Nomz πŸŽ„ Black Christmas it is!
Followed by a Christmas dinner with another disti in Sushi Tei. Another Black Christmas πŸŽ„
And then a not-so-small reunion with ex colleagues. Well this is not a Christmas celebration though haha.
DCG White Christmas dinner @ Shaburi. Love the team ❤️ 

Sorry I am too lazy to make the picture into square had to cut two people here πŸ˜‚
Christmas getaway to Bali with the gurlzzzzz 😍😍😍😍😍
We did not really plan to wear all white but sisters think alike πŸ˜‚
Hehehehe I supa love this picture πŸ’ƒπŸ»
Another picture that I like so much too 😍 everyone looks stunning 😍
Still in Bali with #coachella theme πŸ˜‚
Work hard play hard ❤️😌
After Bali it's then another series of Christmas celebrations πŸ˜…
The annual SMB x Marketing Christmas celebration. Sorry had to cut some people too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Still the SMB x Marketing team πŸŽ„
The "berlima+satu" gang supposedly-blue-but-look-black-instead Christmas dinner also celebrating Ci Lisa's bday πŸŽ„
Sosialita's dinner (Socialite in English) hahaha
The real work hard play hard gang. We literally have something happening every month πŸ˜‚ 

October was trip to Thousand Island
November was trip to Gunung Pancar
December is the Christmas Dinner

In between we often had impromptu dinner/karaoke/chilling πŸ˜‚
We booked a karaoke room for our gift exchange πŸ˜‚ seriously the most memorable Christmas celebration this year. We somehow are able to make everything laughable haha
Lunch with ex colleagues again.
Christmas celebration in one of the partner's office πŸŽ„ I am their annual guest πŸ€— with different company every year coz people keep leaving 😭 and I am still here 🀣
Another lunch with one of the disti in Signatures @ Kempinski. This is my third lunch on that day πŸ˜… have to rush like mad from one place to another hahaha. 

End up cannot really eat a lot of things. 😭
At night another Christmas dinner with my high school friends. Have to bring clothes to change coz different dress code with the lunch πŸ˜‚ 

I really feel like an actress that day with all the busy schedules haha.
I like this picture so let me post it here too hehehe. 

I am drained though. Although I loveeee meeting people and all these parties and celebrations and all, I still need my me-time. 

A time where I can sit still and focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Feeling gratitude and overwhelmed with joy and blessed and gratitude again that Jesus sacrifice everything, come and save us. 

He left His throne, He gave His only son, He went through great pain -that He can choose not to- just for us.
Where else can I find such love? ❤️

Words can't describe how grateful I am. Thank You for coming into this undeserving world. Thank You for Your love ❤️
Also thank you to some great friends who had me on their thoughts! 

It was ci Ipii's bday but she sent me this on her bday. My real role model of generosity!!!
Thank you ci Vony the Mama Santa
The partner who always had me on their thought πŸ€— can't be more grateful!
Also someone far away but still managed to send me some surprise! Thank you dear There. ❤️
And also thank you, a women I proudly call her my non-biological sisterπŸŽ„ it's a sister by heart ❤️

Sunday, December 04, 2016

That's me and my two high school buddies, Teddy and CS, last night. (3 Dec 2016)

Funny how we feel like it's been quite some time since the three of us meet up and have a long chat. Therefore the three of us spared our time yesterday night.

Saturday night has always been CS's family's time. I always remember we can't really hang out with him on Sat night coz he will always go out with his family. But he excused himself yesterday night to meet us.

Saturday night is supposedly Teddy's dating time. It's Sat night! And if he doesn't go on date, he will go out with his family as well. But he excused himself yesterday night to meet us.

Yesterday my soul sister Nia was staying over at my house and I intended to bring her to our meeting too, but she did not feel very well so she just wanted to stay at my home. I felt bad for leaving her alone in my room while I went out but I made a promise to both of them and so I went.

It's about priority. It's about making time. It's about sacrificing. It's about the effort of maintaining this friendship.

The truth is..

Teddy is working in the same company with me so we can actually see each other THAT often in the office. Teddy and CS go to the same church so they basically see each other every week. Me and CS is merely one call away. The last time I caught up with him was few weeks ago when I had training in his tower, so we had coffee together, and we still chat up now and then.

I am grateful for these two.