Sunday, December 04, 2016

That's me and my two high school buddies, Teddy and CS, last night. (3 Dec 2016)

Funny how we feel like it's been quite some time since the three of us meet up and have a long chat. Therefore the three of us spared our time yesterday night.

Saturday night has always been CS's family's time. I always remember we can't really hang out with him on Sat night coz he will always go out with his family. But he excused himself yesterday night to meet us.

Saturday night is supposedly Teddy's dating time. It's Sat night! And if he doesn't go on date, he will go out with his family as well. But he excused himself yesterday night to meet us.

Yesterday my soul sister Nia was staying over at my house and I intended to bring her to our meeting too, but she did not feel very well so she just wanted to stay at my home. I felt bad for leaving her alone in my room while I went out but I made a promise to both of them and so I went.

It's about priority. It's about making time. It's about sacrificing. It's about the effort of maintaining this friendship.

The truth is..

Teddy is working in the same company with me so we can actually see each other THAT often in the office. Teddy and CS go to the same church so they basically see each other every week. Me and CS is merely one call away. The last time I caught up with him was few weeks ago when I had training in his tower, so we had coffee together, and we still chat up now and then.

I am grateful for these two.

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