Tuesday, July 04, 2017

What is one accomplishment you are most proud of?

This post was originally an answered on my Quora on 4 July 2017

One day after work, I hung out with my colleague. I was telling her my plan to bring my mom on a holiday now that I already earn my own money. My mom loves to travel so I really wanna make her happy and plan to bring her to Taiwan because she has been wanting to go there.
Literally the next day, I woke up to many messages in the work group chat congratulating me. Confused, I checked my email and saw this:
I re-read the email 3–4 times to make sure I read it right. Frankly speaking, at first I was not sure what President’s Club is. I remember seeing an announcement email from boss of the boss of the boss about President’s Club before but I barely remember what it’s all about and I thought it’s something that would never happen to me, so I just browsed it through.
Turns out it’s one of the most prestigious award in the company. It awarded the top sales of the company. My manager at that time nominated me and I think she was very convincing until I was chosen as one of the winners and the only one from Indonesia for that year.
The following email came and it said that I can bring plus one to join the trip. I have not gotten married yet so my mom was the first person that came into my mind.
I told her the news and that I would bring her to Turkey and she was sooooo happy she can’t stop smiling all day!
She kept telling me it’s okay we can go to Taiwan anytime, but Istanbul??? She never thought she would be able to visit that city (me neither, mom).
So yeah, with that one single thought that I told my friend, I managed to bring her to Turkey.
But that’s not only it.
When the day came, we finally boarded the plane, we passed by the business class seats. I had random thought “when will I be able to bring my mom travel by business I wonder. Ok I need to work hard.”
Then we boarded, reached Istanbul, enjoyed the event so much. We’re placed in Shangri-La Bosphorus Hotel in Istanbul, it’s so luxurius, I could tell my mom was very happy.
She kept saying how happy she was. She was very amused with the city, the event prepared by the team, the people she met, my boss, my colleagues, she admired every side of the hotel, she could not stop taking picture and that makes me content.
One night before our flight back to Jakarta, I wanted to do online check in, but I somehow couldn’t choose any seat so I couldn’t proceed the online check in. I thought probably some website error, and went to sleep, thinking I will just do check in on the airport.
It was late night the next day when we reached the airport, our flight was supposedly at midnight. When I reached the check in desk, the staff sighed heavily after checking our reservation.
She said “please follow me to the office”.
I was confused, my colleagues from other countries were confused too seeing us leaving to the office.
They asked me to wait and after a while they explained to me that, turns out, my flight had been doubled book and both of us have no seat on the flight.
I was in denial and fear that I have to spend the night in the airport as it was already midnight.
The lady then continued, “I have found alternative flights but it’s not direct. You will need to fly to Doha first and then continue from Doha to Jakarta. You will ride in business class in your flight to Jakarta and we will compensate you each €xxx (I forgot the amount lol, I think it was about the ticket cost, but then it was paid by the company so I had no idea) we are really sorry about this Ma’am.”
I couldn’t believe what she said and I repeated it to her to make sure I heard it right.
Yap, I got to bring my mom fly business class from Doha to Jakarta and I still got compensation as much as the ticket price, which I did not pay in the first place.
My mom happiness level times 1000x when I told her.
She couldn’t stop smiling and she kept saying “we will sit in business class and they still give us money???”
When she reached home, she couldn’t stop telling everyone of her friends and relatives how happy she was that I bring her to a such luxurious trip.
So that, by far is my proudest accomplishment, making my mom proud and happy. Although it mostly thanks to luck rather than me.
To many more happiness for you, mom <3 p="">