Monday, March 26, 2018

Characteristics of Mature Person

One Friday morning, I was listening to a short podcast by Jeffrey Rachmat on topic "Sacrifice". He was talking about the characteristics of mature person.

In short he said people who are mature have these two characteristics:

1. Responsible
2. Willingness to sacrifice

As the podcast title is Sacrifice, he elaborated more on that, and just casually mentioned about being responsible. At that time, I was like, how do we explain being responsible?

Then he proceed on explaining about sacrifice. Sacrifice means an act of giving up something valued. Sacrifice is related with something valuable, something precious. If it is not valued by us or for us, can't say it's a sacrifice.

So what's valuable for me? Have I really giving up on that something valuable for God?

Later in the afternoon, Sandy, our marketing, told me to get my shirt we made for an upcoming event next week. Sandy told me, out of two small size shirts, there's one which has a bit taint. She told me to just take the one in good condition, and she will give the faulty one to the other girl.

I said, "oh? you sure?"

She said, "do I have a choice here?"

Then I told her about the podcast I listened to this morning. Funny thing is when I told her, I cannot recall the first point. I said, "you see, this morning I listened to a podcast talking about the characteristics of mature people. I can't recall the first one, but the other characteristic is the willingness to sacrifice. Well, this is a small matter though, just give me the faulty one and let her have the one in good condition."

Sandy laughed and she said, "okay, practicing what you heard ya."

I said yea and thought to myself, "how can I sacrifice something valuable if I can't even sacrifice small thing?" Followed by, "what was the first characteristic again? How come I forgot about it already?"

On that same Friday, we were having office warming and we invited all partners to our new offices. I have been busy accompanying them and giving them office tour since early morning.

Finish with all that, I met up with one of my distributors and told him how tired I was giving a lot of office tours. He laughed and told me how industrious I am. I was like, "huh? If I am just doing my job, you can't say I am industrious right? It's just me doing what I am supposed to do. If I do things beyond miles, then yes, I am industrious. Isn't that how it's supposed to be?"

He said, "nope, you could have chosen to say no to that, and just not doing it."

"But, it's part of my job, right?"

"Nope, not everyone has that kind of responsibility, so obviously you are industrious."

Then it struck me. "Responsibility!" I sort of shouted. "That was the first characteristic!"

"I was listening to this podcast this morning about characteristics of mature people, and in the afternoon I was telling Sandy about it but I forgot about the first characteristic. The second one was willingness to sacrifice. Now that you said it, I suddenly remember, it was being responsible." Explain me to my distributor.

"Being responsible means having an obligation to do something as part of one's job"

I will not want to forget this day thus this post. The day when I listened to something in the morning, and get to learn about it right away throughout the day.