Sunday, April 15, 2018

Short Reflection

I will be turning 26 in three more days. It's sort of a big deal for me these days lol. Like what have I done???

Anyway, I was telling my bro and sis earlier to not forget to get me presents. My sister was like, "Anything you want? I think you already have everything. What else do you not have?"

"Chanel bag"

Okay well yea except that Chanel bag which I still yet to buy until now, I reflect back at my life and she's right. I sort of already have the things I could possibly have or want. I might not be like those super rich people with unlimited money, but I got my basic needs covered.

I have a roof on top of me, though it's my parents'.
I got a car and productivity tools to help me on my daily activities.
I can exercise.
I can eat whatever I want anytime.
I can buy the basic things I need.
I can travel a few times a year.
I can even give back.

I could not ask for more.
I breathe.
I am covered.
I am content.
I am grateful.

Then I saw this on Quora.

I guess, in my 25, I have made it in life :)