Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My Notable 10k Run

I ran 10k today! I cannot recall when was my last 10k. :( sad that I sort of ignored one of my hobbies. 

These days, I have been busy with my shoe line exhibition in Jakarta Fair. Since it's my office holiday, I take turn to look after the booth with my sis. All this time, she was the one handling it when I was working.

Yesterday was one of the days where I came and stand by there. It was raining and cold and not a lot of visitors and it made me realize (again) how I dislike just sitting there and I felt like I am not in my maximum potential. I feel very restless and tired and not getting the best. 

I came home very tired and decided to take a day off today. Bf suggested me to exercise and I was like, "but I am so tired"

He did not force me though.

However when I woke up this morning and looked at my gym clothes, I suddenly miss running. I decided that I wanna hit the gym today and run 10k at least!

It ain't easy!! I was feeling so sleepy and my friend asked if I just wanna go home? Another friend asked if I wanna join her hang out with another friend. I successfully said no and made it to the gym!

Still, it was not easy to hit 10k. When I was already 7k, I felt tired and thought of giving up.. but I have decided to hit 10k, so I continued. 

When I hit 8k, that thought came back but I have decided to hit 10k, so I continued. 

I remember in the morning, Andre messaged me talking about grit, and that same GRIT is what pushed me through.

When I hit 9k? Well, it's one more km, let's just finish it and so I did. Finish it. 10km today.

I felt so so so great afterwards. I know I will regret it if I stopped at 7k or 8k. Now that I did finish it, I felt very very good and it changed my mood drastically.

It reminds me again why I love running in the first place.

I dedicated this post to Andre. Thanks for reminding me to be gritty.