Sunday, May 05, 2019

Jan - 5 May 2019


5 months have passed in this 2019 and I haven't even written any post.

If my last post was me wondering what I have been doing.. this post I know the answer!
I have been so busy travelling and having holiday LOL I really don't have the time to sit down and write my thoughts!

2019 has been crazy for me in terms of travelling!!

This year starts with my trip to Bali on 17-19 Jan..

Blue, Beach, Best Friend... Bali 🖤

22 to 23 Jan to Surabaya.. fun business trip though!

Found a mirror and we're like let's all try to get the best picture..

15 - 24 Feb to Switzerland
I wish I have the time to blog about this.. or at least, show off my pictures LOL
Switzerland was amazing!

It was freezing I look like a Teddy ready to be hugged

1 - 11 Mar to USA.. Get to see Grand Canyon and Horseshoe bend. Went to Vegas and Beverly Hills! Another amazing trip I'd love to show off my pictures as well hahaha.

One of my bucket list checked ☑

Korea Spring Trip

hahaha I super love this picture!! 

26 - 28 April to Singapore just to watch ED SHEERAN!!

Champion Twinning with the boyfie

and.. I actually just landed from Bali (again) today..

I will be heading to Germany and Prague next week!! WOOHOO!! and.. I just booked November ticket to KL to attend Tracy's wedding..

So in between this.. when I am in Jakarta, I usually take my time seriously for rest and work and meet up with friends. That's why I haven't really gotten so much time to do other things. I have to prioritize right.. and I realize blogging / writing isn't really much on my priority list. T_T

Still have to juggle my time for exercising (which has been abandoned for so long due) and taking care of Pumpkin. Not forgetting I have rarely watched Korean drama already nowadays..

I am so so so grateful. I have been so blessed with the chance of travelling to so many places. I am forever grateful for this!!

I also want to keep record of my birthday this year coz the love I received every year is more and more and more and I am just left speechless with all the love that I don't deserve. (I will try my best to post it lol)

Now that was sort of the summary of my early 2019 lol, will try my best to write another post later!

off now.

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