Friday, July 03, 2020

3 July 2020 2:01 PM

3 July 2020

I am not feeling so good, as in the mood, not my physical health.

I feel tired, with bad mood all the way.
Nope, it's not because my period is coming. 
It's simply because I am tired with my routine.

But not everyday I feel this way.
Most days I feel extremely grateful with my routine.

I mean look at my life. I have shelter, I have parents, siblings, job, side jobs, friends. I am healthy. What's not to be grateful at?

But occasionally, like today, I feel like shit.

Why am I doing everything I am doing?
Why is my dad like this?
Why is my mom like this?
Why should I do everything? 
Why is everyone so annoying?

I am tired.

I am just tired.

This results in me not treating my friends well, one annoying sentence from them and then I will scold them lololol. I feel bad though. I know bad attitude can't be justified whether I am in good mood or not.

Anyway that is why I decided to just write this. To at least, let it all out.

I just ordered and ate my favorite crepes too.
And drank Starbucks coffee.

I feel a bit better and ready to continue my endless work again lolol.

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