Tuesday, July 07, 2020

God Provides - Mom Story Part 1

4:58 PM

Thinking what I should write today.

7 July 2020.

Pandemic is happening around the world. Corona virus is spreading and since 16 March 2020, my company has instructed us to work from home instead of coming to the office.

So until now it has been almost 4 months I have been working from home.
Most companies have started the 'new normal' meaning they have been back to office but with health protocol. Fortunately my company still has not. We are encouraged to have online meeting but if we really need to have face2face meeting, we are required to get a few approvals.

Due to this event, many businesses have gotten impacted, one of them is my mom's shop.
She can't open her shop since mid of March, that means no income at all. But she still has to pay her employees. May was our Hari Raya, so extra incentive on that month.

Early June, suddenly there was big flood in the harbor where her shop is located. Resulting in her shop was flooded badly, and most (if not all) of her shop stuffs... got destroyed and can't be sold anymore.

It was a big surprised to all of us. I mean, no rain whatsoever but suddenly flooding? And all this time even heavy rain never any flood tearing apart the shop. So who would have prepared for a big flood?

Her employee was telling her to not come to the shop because mom would get so stressed out if she sees the shop.

I know she is stressed out.. who would have not? No income, still have responsibility to her employee and suddenly her stocks got ruined. But she never complained. She strongly faced it and never even once complained about her situation. 

Instead, she worked very hard.
and God blessed her so much.

To be continued tomorrow on how God provides for her despite her situation. 

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